Being a fan of the rebranded Jason Todd, it was a simple decision to purchase this Red Hood figure, which is based on the New 52 version of this popular anti-hero.

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The sculpt is rather good on this figure, the head sculpt features his New 52 helmet which is a helmet that is almost skin tight. Basically it looks like a Red face with whited out eyes. Sure it is comic accurate, but it is not that practical and realistically we all know that the “Under the Red Hood” style helmet is the preferred design when it comes to this character. The paint on his helmet is great and captures the colours of the design quite well. What would have made the helmet a little better is if the panels in the helmet were actually filled with a thin line of black paint. The helmet accentuates the features of Jason’s face; so the cheek bones, mouth and nose shape makes the Red Helmet look like a face, like a red version of the traditional Martian Manhunter. Another great feature of this sculpt is the flexible jacket. It starts with a high collar covering the sides of the neck; it continues to run over the shoulders and down the sides of the figure, ending at the waist. The jacket has some great detail and paint applications. It remains unzipped and this allows DC Collectibles to showcase the intricacy of this figure’s Torso. The jacket has some great detail on the collar, with a metallic silver paint being used to highlight the zips and buttons on the figure. The neck introduces the grey colour used for the body armour. The body armour looks phenomenal. The sheer amount of detail put into this torso is insane; someone must have spent hours chiseling the abdominals on this one, the abdominal region of this figure has deeply sculpted intercostal muscles, this brings out the detail and show cases the level of attention that has been paid to the detailing of this figure.


The red logo on the chest looks great too, but note that it is cut off sword by the jacket and from the glue treads it looks like the jacket cannot lift off of the chest! The “caught in the wind” jacket lifts at the back; revealing the detail of the armour on the lower back. What is impressive is that they never skipped out on the back detail by lengthening the jacket and gluing it to the lower back. The gauntlets on this figure, well they have to be seen in order for you to believe. As in the recent pages of the comic, this Red Hood comes equipped with a series of serious looking blades on each gauntlet. The gauntlets starts just below the elbow and they feature some great metallic paints and sculpt finishes. It is ribbed and debossed all the way down to the glove; but it is the outer forearm of this figure that grabs the owner’s attention. The articulated blades are definitely attention heat seekers, but they do come across as being slightly overbearing. Each blade has some great paint applications with a silver paint being used to highlight the most dangerous part of these four bladed gauntlets of doom. The blades are connected point or articulation that is paneled to look like big screws. Call me a traditionalist but these blades are tad bit overkill. This figure could have easily continued with a nice detailed jacket until the wrist, the nicely sculpted gloves would have received a little more attention; now all you see from the elbow down is blades, blades and more blades. The Samurai sword would have been a much more worthy and classy substitute. He has a silver belt buckle that is on a glossy black belt strap that continues into pistol holster on each thigh. These holsters work and they hold the accessories quite well. Then sculpt used on the trousers is great; it contains more creases and folds giving it that informal look; the look tailored for makeshift anti-heroes! He has a great pair of gun metal boots which bear a rather unique design. It is more armored up at the ankle and tendon, most likely to protect Jason from any injuries that may hinder his movement, or leave him immobile.


He has a ball jointed head that can look up, down and side to side. He is also able to tilt his head thanks to his jacket not hindering any neck movement. However the jacket does hinder the shoulder movement. The shoulder can move back and forward albeit it not very smooth thanks to the rubber of the jacket. Also the figure has very little movement when performing lateral raises. He has a single jointed elbow; there is no swivel at the bicep, instead there is one at the cuff of the gauntlet. The blades on the gauntlets can move back and forth and you have wrist swivels present on the figure as well. There is no ab-crunch present and to make things worse the waist swivel is wasted as well. The figure has a t-crotch with ball joints on the inner hip; so even though the back and forward movement is limited, he can perform a decent split legged fly kick. The holsters are flexible allowing for the split legged fly kick to get some range. You have single jointed knees and a hinged ankle as the last points of articulation. So the articulation is rather average and for a gun slinging close combat expert the lack of articulation is not ideal as you lose some epic poses!

dc review red hood new 52

In terms of accessories, all you get are a pair of pistols that fit into the holsters on each hip. They fit in his hand quite well and make for some good dual pistol wielding poses; the lack of articulation stops the poses from becoming great. The gauntlets are part of the sculpt so they are not accessories, however as mentioned earlier, if the Samurai Sword were given as an accessory I am sure people would have preferred that over an impractical set of blades on each arm.

This piece has the standard DC Collectibles New 52 packaging; it has a silhouette of the Red Hood on the side of the box in case you want to store it in a library like manner. The top of the box as well as the back panel on the inside of the box makes use of “The Red Hood and The Outlaws” logo. Even if you decide to keep this figure in the box, everything is easy to see as you get little accessories with attention grabbing Gauntlets. The back of the packaging show which other figures are available in the series and offers a short bio on this classic anti-hero.
This is a great figure at a great price, if you are a fan of the Bat Family this is simply a must have for you collection as Red Hood figures of this quality are few and far between. Sure the articulation may be limited but this figure is 100% comic accurate when it comes to the looks of the new Red Hood character design. It also has a great informal look which captures the nature of this anti-hero quite well.

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