NERF Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire Review - Say Hello To My Little Friend.
Theme: NERF

Packaging: 7 / 10

Paint: 8 / 10

Design: 8.5 / 10

Sound: N/A / 10

Durability: 8 / 10

Overall: 7.9

Allow me to reminisce a bit. Back in the day when the internet didn’t exist and playing outside was the norm, my brother and I use to run around and pretend to be space adventurers exploring the unknown of our backyard and facing off against grotesque alien creatures (basically my sister and her friends). These battles were always intense as imaginary laser fire filled the air and the sound of us shouting “PEW PEW” could be heard echoing through our neighbourhood. Now, while many things have changed (my siblings and I are a tad larger then we were back then), it’s comforting to see our own kids now run around fighting imaginary beasts and creatures. What is really apparent though is that the familiar “PEW PEW” sounds we associated with these games are no longer filling the air, instead they are replaced by what can only be described as a mechanical sounding “WHOOSH”. Welcome to the age of Nerf Blasters.

NERF Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire Review - Say Hello To My Little Friend.

For those not familiar with Nerf Blasters, these are toys that shoot ammunition made of foam. Basically, these Blasters where/are a fun way of punishing your pesky brother who is always playing with your Dino-Riders without asking and not actually hurting him (well, at least not too much). Made by Hasbro, Nerf Blasters quickly became the go-to weapon of choice for safely exploring the dangers of the backyard.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to review one of the latest entries in the Nerf series called the FalconFire.

First off, the FalconFIre (what an awesome name) uses the latest and most accurate foam based ammunition called Elite AccuStrike Darts. These darts have a twisted flat tip moulding which helps them stay straighter when travelling through the air. While the new tips do tend to sting a little more when they hit your skin, they still have enough give to not actually hurt as much as one would think. I can attest to this as my daughters found enormous pleasure in shooting me with as many darts as they could during my time reviewing the Blaster.

So, is the new and improved AccuStrike darts more accurate than the Elite darts? I would definitely have to say yes. Although, it’s not perfect. Even though I would most probably be considered a terrible marksman, I was still able to land some pretty accurate shots. I have to mention that the Blaster does lack a bit of power, which means that the accuracy of the new darts only extends over a short range when using the Nerf FalconFire Blaster. The distance trade-off for more accuracy though is totally worth it.

NERF Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire Review - Say Hello To My Little Friend.

The Nerf FalconFire Blaster itself has a very futuristic design that just screams out to be used as part of a cosplay costume. The FalconFire is a breach loading Blaster, which means that the dart is inserted from the top, so no shoving it in from the front. The grey slide used to prime the Blaster feels solid and slides quite easily into place as my youngest daughter can confirm. The Blaster, although lightweight, feels surprisingly solid and should withstand abuse from most kids (and adults).

While I do have large adult size hands, the grip actually felt comfortable to both me and my two kids, who could easily carry it around and aim surprisingly well. This might also be due to a large number of iron sights mounted on the barrel. I guess it’s true what they say, the more iron sights the better accuracy (I’m not sure if anyone actually says this).

Of course, I’m a sucker for a bright orange and grey colour scheme which is why I love the design of the Blaster so much. The Blaster comes with six AccuStrike darts. Unfortunately, it only has storage for two darts at the bottom of the barrel, which means you’ll need to practice grabbing a dart from your pocket and loading if you want to survive all the beasties in your backyard or friends out for your blood.

NERF Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire Review - Say Hello To My Little Friend.

While I truly love the FalconFire Blaster’s futuristic sci-fi design and the way it made me feel like a rugged Space Marine, there are a few small drawbacks. The performance could be off-putting to some, but I only found this to be an issue when trying to hit my target over longer ranges. There might also be those that aren’t fans of breach loading (although, it does feel awesome when pulling the slide back to prime the blaster). The biggest surprise was how more accurate the new AccuStrike darts were than the Elite Darts.

When taking on hordes of monsters/ rowdy kids armed with their own Nerf blasters, accuracy becomes very important and the new darts do not disappoint.  Now, please excuse me while I go help my kids take back our backyard from those pesky Martians.

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