Accessories: 10 / 10

Articulation: 10 / 10

Packaging: 10 / 10

Sculpting: 9 / 10

Paint: 9 / 10

Value: 10 / 10

Finally, Dante gets the Player Select treatment, thanks to NECA. This 7-inch figure is based on his look from the first Devil May Cry game and boy does this sculpt nail the look!


The sculpt on this figure is simply amazing. You have his signature white hair which looks realistic, thanks to the amount of texture it has. The only problem with the face sculpt is the finish on his lips; the paint is a little too dark on his lips, making it look as though his lips belonged to someone else with a completely different flesh tone. Other than that, his face and the amount of detail put into sculpting his face is rather impressive. His trench coat is perfect. It is sculpted well and, although it is made of a soft rubber, it holds its form and makes it look as though Dante’s coat is in motion. The maroon colour of his coat runs down his biceps and it shows some great detail in the form of creases and folds.

The jacket turns up at the Elbow, switching the colour scheme to a dark black. He has a glossy red waistcoat which is filled with detail including perfectly sculpted and painted straps. He is wearing a black long-sleeve under his waistcoat and the sleeves actually creep out from the coat which are turned up at the elbows. The long sleeve ends just before his wrists allowing for some flesh tone to creep in before his black gloves complete his arm. So this little break in colour is ideal and sticks to the likeness of the character. The lower half of his body starts with a neatly sculpted belt with an oversized buckle which is finished with some great silver paint accents. He then has his lengthy legs which are covered in folds and creases. The one thigh has some straps on it and the red leather pants lead into some great looking boots which are detailed with some neatly painted straps. So overall, this figure looks great and is true to the characters presentation in the first game.


This figure boasts the most articulation that Neca has offered in recent times, his head is on a ball joint so it can move side to side with ease and has some up and down movement. He can also pivot his head at slight angles. Then his neck is also on a joint, allowing for added movement as the head and neck ball joints play off of each other quite well. There is very little side-to-side movement in the neck thanks to the chest sculpt and the high collar of his jacket. He has an ab crunch with a great range of movement in it. His waist is also able to swivel with ease. He has ball jointed shoulders which move freely thanks to the soft nature of his jacket and its clever design. He has a swivel at the upper bicep, a single jointed elbow that can also swivel – thanks to the soft rubber used on the jacket cuff. He has a single ball peg at the wrist which allows for a load of movement.

Neca was also very clever when it came to the hip and thigh design. The actual pants on the figure are made of a softer rubber in the crotch area. This also allows freedom of movement and you would never even notice that it is a soft rubber. He can kick his legs far forward and thanks to the ball hinged hips he can also kick out to the side and to the back as well. The Ball joints also allow the thigh to swivel at the top; the knees are double hinged allowing for some great poses! The ankles are on ball pegs, also allowing for a great range of motion. So the articulation on this figure is on point and it truly has to be in order to strike a pose with the awesome accessories that are available.


This figure comes with a lot of accessories, including an extra pair of hands, a shotgun, his Ebony and Ivory Hand Guns, Dante’s sword and some bullets being fired. Each and every accessory is highly detailed. The paint on them is impeccable as they just bring the sculpts to life even at the tiniest scale (the bullets being fired) this is an impressive figure that truly does not hold back.

The packaging is also something new to the NECA Player Select line. Instead of the usual blister or clamshell packaging, NECA has gone with a more stylised look and they have mimicked the Play Arts Kai box design. The window of the box is completely closed thanks to the front of the box being on a hinge. The owner can simply pull back the front cover as it is held in position with some Velcro; this will reveal the Dante figure and all of its accessories in all of their shining glory. The packaging has some great character art on the front and some excellent game stills on the back. It also has some great details on the side… even at a packaging level NECA has not held back.

This has got to be one of my best figures of the year thus far and, for something that stylised on Play Arts Kai, it comes at a fraction of the price thanks to NECA. I hope to see many more Player Select figures come out, but they best keep up the high quality! A huge thanks to Critters and Comics for securing this amazing figure. For this, and many other great products, visit www.crittersandcomics.co.za today!


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