terminator neca figurine

Accessories: 4 / 10

Articulation: 5 / 10

Packaging: 10 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 10 / 10

Value: 9 / 10

This NECA figurine is based on the version that comes from the Sega Genesis Robocop vs The Terminator Video Game. This T-800 is the game boss who attempts to terminate his targets with a plasma rifle.

terminator neca

The sculpt on this figure is great and it looks like a mix of T-800 figures previously released. However, the paint applications make this figure unique and stand out among the rest. The face looks just like Arnold and it has the body to match the physique of Arnold from Judgement Day.

The head sculpt is something special. The paint just looks so great. It has a bright right gloss for blood which just illuminates the figure. The one side of his face is torn open revealing an expertly painted and finished endoskeleton skull. The pupils in both eyes are also a dark red creating one mean looking figure. This T-800 looks angry and has lots of battle scars on his face – Robocop should definitely not mess with this guy. His leather outfit is riddled with bullet holes and it reveals a huge tear in his chest. This tear is laced with more of that great gloss blood and it reveals the torso of the T-800 Endoskeleton. This is also done to one of the knees on this figure. You have a knee cap also torn open and revealing the knee joint of the endo-skeleton.

The leather jacket also has smears of illuminated blood down the one arm creating a great look and feel to this figure. The leather outfit also features a purple paint finish which mimics the graphics of the game on the Sega Genesis. This effect creates a bit of a pixel look and this works very well. This purple paint technique is repeated on the lower half of his body even down till his boots.

terminator neca figurine

The articulation on this figure is rather limited; after all it is made up of older existing figures. The head is able to move to the left and right thanks to a swivel at the base of its neck, the shoulders are ball joints which lose a bit of movement thanks to the leather jacket sculpt. He has a single joint elbow which can also swivel. He has swivels at the wrist as well and a swivel at his torso; so he has decent upper body articulation, but his lower half really suffers a serious lack of articulation. It has no T-crotch or ball joints at the hips so his legs cannot kick forward or back. His battle damaged leg has a thigh and calf swivel whereas his other leg just has a swivel at the ankle. Other than that there is nothing else to see here in terms of articulation.

The accessories are limited to his Plasma Rifle only, which can be held in his hands and with some manoeuvring; allowing for some great poses. However, better articulation could have pulled off better poses for the T-800. The packaging also acts as a great backdrop display if you plan on displaying the figure outside the box.

The packaging is very impressive. It is unique and it is not one of the clamshell packages such as the past releases. This box is a cardboard one that is designed in such a way that if you buy the Robocop in the series (Flame Thrower version) the two boxes actually line up and create a “VS” image on the front. And on the back it follows suit. If you line the two boxes up it creates an in-game versus an image of the flame thrower Robocop going head to head with three T-800s of which one is this Boss T800. NECA really showed some create creativity here as they come up with packaging that can be interactive whether the figure has been opened or remains sealed in the box. This packaging is definitely one of the most impressive designs Neca has released to date.

In closing, despite its limited articulation, this is a great figure that any Terminator and Arnold fan should own. The amount of detail in the sculpt is ridiculous and the paint finishes are simply outstanding. With the release of Terminator Genisys at cinemas, this figure will satisfy your needs for a T-800 as it might be a wait until Neca releases its Terminator Genisys figures.

A huge thanks has to go out to Project Mayhem for securing this awesome figure. Visit www.projectmayhem.co.za today for all your action figure needs.


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