Accessories: 9 / 10

Articulation: 8 / 10

Packaging: 10 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 10 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

“Get over here!” was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this Mortal Kombat X Scorpion Bloody Variant figure.

It was simply one that I had to own, bearing in mind that I do own the huge Scorpion statue that came with the collector’s edition of Mortal Kombat X. But this figure offered something extra. Something that the regular Mezco 6” scorpion did not offer; a violent display of blood splashes all over the sculpt!

mortalkombat x scorpion figure

This Scorpion has a great sculpt. Mortal Kombat X really took scorpion back to a look that made him great. He looks like a regular ninja not covered in armour and plating as seen in the later Mortal Kombat games. And this alone make the sculpt a major win.

His head is covered with his signature black hood; his eyes are solid white giving Hanzo that deadly glare. His mask has some fine etched into it and there is blood splashed both on the mask and on the section of his face that is not covered by his mask. Now some may think, “Hey, that is obvious that the blood couldn’t be under his mask”, but let it be known that I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the mask is actually removable! Once removed you will see that there is a great face sculpt under the mask and they have not cut corners here at all.

His attire looks great! His costume is filled with detail he has great looking leather straps that run over his shoulders, his high collar blends in well with these straps and the detail in the collar is rather impressive. He has the same straps covering his biceps and his gauntlet armour is also covered by these straps and buckles. His torso is covered in blood and it looks as though Hanzo dished out one hell of a beating — this blood is clearly not his own! The blood also runs down both arms and covers the fists in a red paint.

His waist has an intricate amount of strapping and the all connect to a buckle with a hook that faces upward. The reason for that hook will be explained in the accessories section. He has his black baggy pants which have been sculpted quite well. The black pants also contain a series of leather straps which run down from his knees and calves, adding detail to his lower appendages. The dark pants are also covered in a spray of blood so Scorpion has really been at war! This figure has a great sculpt and the added gore really does the character justice and reminders us owners who and what Scorpion is; a spirit of vengeance!

mortalkombat x scorpion figure

This figure has a nice amount of articulation and it allows us to get Scorpion into a variety of his signature poses. The head is on a ball joint and it has great up and down motion, its side to side movement is limited due to the high collar. He has a ball joint at the shoulders that boast a large range of motion. He has a single jointed elbow, a hinged wrist that can also swivel 360 Degrees. He has a waist swivel which has a great range of motion; irrespective of the straps around his waist. He I s able to kick forward quite far and kicking backward is quite impressive as well. He has some swivel at the upper thigh. His knees are ball joints which can both hinge and swivel and he has an ankle pivot as well. All those signature stances have been made possible thanks to the points of articulation that Mezco has given this figure.

Accessories are great! You get a set of open hands which are also covered in blood and why are these hands open palmed? Well, you guessed it; you are given a blood-drenched spear chain for each hand; so you will be able to create the pose that made this character famous. There are no swords with this figure, those only came with the original version, but this PX Exclusive has been given something else. Sure swords would have been more awesome, but the translucent flaming skull also looks quite cool. Scorpion is able to hold this skull and it can be hung from the hook on his waist straps. Also, as mentioned earlier, the mask is in actual fact an accessory as it is removable!

The packaging is great but a lot smaller than I expected. This is a six-inch figure so you would expect a big box; however this figure is not bulky in design it is close to the scale that Macfarlane produces. The blister card packaging gives you a great view of the figure, the back of the box gives you a little biography on the character and it is clear to see that this packaging has the same backing used on the original figure. Yes it has been recycled as the picture on the back is not covered in blood and it advertises swords as accessories instead of the flaming demon skull that is given with the figure.

This is still a great figure, although some may argue that the PX Exclusive is not really worth the little bit extra that you have to dish out. But I can live without the sword accessories, thanks to the splashed blood details. This is a scorpion figure that will definitely increase in value. This is a popular character being presented in the way he should be!


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