Accessories: 6 / 10

Articulation: 7 / 10

Packaging: 9 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 10 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

Bi-Han’s younger brother has taken it upon himself to become the new Sub-Zero. Kuai Liang has sworn to take revenge against Scorpion, the one responsible for taking his brother’s life. Mastering the power of ice and cold, Sub-Zero is brought to a store near you, thanks to Mezco toys.


The sculpt is great. I was a bit worried about the face sculpt as the prototype pictures showed the pupils of the eyes were coloured in and this gave the figure a rather sad, mopey look. You will be pleased to know that they have decided to whiten his eyes out; so this Sub-Zero looks rather cool. The rest of the sculpt is spot on and filled with intricate details.


This figure has a nicely detailed head sculpt he has the leather straps sculpted on to his head and they flow to the back so he has the dangling ponytail like straps. His face mask is very detailed, more detailed that Scorpion’s and it contains a few more paint applications as well. The rest of his suit is far more detailed than Scorpion’s. His Gi shows some rather impressive sculpting as it truly looks like the layers are padded. He has a nice Lin Kuei logo on his chest, this is also sculpted and not a simple paint application. His body is riddled with tiny Kunai. He has some in pouches strapped on his chest, as well as some strapped to his gauntlets. His arms show some great detail as he has some metallic bicep armour and then a rather intricate and impressive pair of gauntlets. His Belt and loincloth section is rather impressive as the attention to detail is simply astounding — so astounding that the character design actually looks truly believable and functional. His trousers look excellent as well, they are slightly baggy and have nice blue rope sculpted to them. His ninja boots just add the perfect finish to a great looking figure. They start at the knee and continue all the way to the top of the foot. The boots are armoured out and have a nice battle worn look from the knee; right down and right down the shin pad; he also has some armour on the back of his legs; covering his calves and Achilles’ tendons. This figure offers far more detail than the Mortal Kombat X scorpion does and really does the Lin Kuei justice.

In terms of articulation the head is on a ball joint and it has great up and down motion, its side to side movement and is able to pivot quite well. He has a ball joint at the shoulders that are hindered by his gi; but only slightly. He has a single jointed elbow that is able to swivel, a hinged wrist that can also swivel 360 Degrees. He has a waist swivel and an ab crunch; he is able to pivot slightly at the abs as well. His ability to kick forward and backward is limited due to his loincloth section. However, he can kick out to the side quite well. He has some swivel at the upper thigh. His knees are ball joints which can both hinge and swivel and he has an ankle pivot as well. So this figure has some great articulation however it has not got as much range of motion that Scorpion does.


In terms of accessories, you get an extra set of hands and two ice weapons. The hand that is on the figure has a hole in the palm and this is for a ball of ice that can fit into the hand; however that ball of ice is only available with the variant figure from series 2. The ice weapons are not that great as they are too small. The Ice Hammer is far too small and it does not look threatening. The Ice Sword looks more like a fancy dagger as the proportions are off. The finish on the ice weapons and extra hands are great, but they could have improved on the scale of both weapons.

The packaging is the same as the Scorpion figure’s, so it is a lot smaller than one would expect. This is a six-inch figure so you would expect a big box. However, this figure is not bulky in design it is close to the scale that Macfarlane produces as well The blister card packaging gives you a great view of the figure, the back of the box gives you a little biography on the character and his mission.

This is a great figure. While Scorpion looks more sleek and minimal in design, this Sub-Zero is filled with padding and intricate detail that has become synonymous with the Lin Kuei clan. This is a Sub-Zero that every fan should own as it will add something extra to your Mortal Kombat collection.


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