Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man Review

This is a re-issue that I had been waiting for. Having missed out on the Hasbro Marvel Legends version of this back in the early 2000’s, I ended up seeing this one online in 2011. The only problem was that this one was also an old figure, so the value was quite high and shipping costs on top of that put it near the R900 mark in 2011! The good news is that it is now 2014 and Diamond Select has re-issued this figure, but does it live up to the hype?

Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man Review

The sculpt it true to its comic counterpart; it is a nice bulky suit with some great paneling and finishes. But something about the head proportion and the long legs leading into huge boots irks at you eye a little bit. The legs start off so narrow and then Boom, Gundam sized boots are introduced. This throws the proportions off quite a bit leaving you feeling as though his helmet and torso are far too tiny. The helmet looks great, it sports some excellent paint apps. The metallic pain looks flawless and really accentuates the matte yellow of the face plate. The face plate has some great paneling that makes use of deep indentations. The metallic dark red continues to the torso and shoulders. The suit has a great high colour with blue lights on each side it begins the red torso paint job which ends just below the main light arc on his chest. The shoulder pads also start with a red metallic paint, but this leads into a lighter silver cuff with some great paneling and design. The rest of the torso is painted in a dark metallic grey with silver accents here and there. This dark grey continues all the way to the groin, and even follows through on to the upper thigh. The abdominal area of this Ultimate Iron Man has some great detail etched into it; the hips and groin give that distinct Mecha feel as it sports the type of paneling and vents one would expect to see on the waist of a Gundam Mobile Suit. The arms look great as the biceps make use of both the silver and metallic grey paint and this leads into a bulky and highly detailed gauntlet on each arm. Each gauntlet has a hefty cannon mounted to it, great paneling is used here and the metallic red is re-introduced into the colour scheme. These gauntlets are also fully removable, but more on that a little later. The gloves and their detail look great thanks to the high amount of intricate detail on them. Lastly we have the long bulky legs.

The thighs are two solid designs with a more circle shape on the inside and outside thigh, the upper thigh has a more block like shape. The knees have a coil like look that matches the elbow joint. These coils lead in to the huge boots of this figure. The boots are highly detailed an make use of the metallic red and matte yellow colours. They start off quite narrow at the top but expand to the sides leading to a wide ankle cuff, which has thrusters on each side. The feet are block like an wide as well with a metallic read tip that makes use of some paneling. The back of the figure is rather bland, so its display base does a great job of hiding that.

Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man Review

The articulation on this figure is where it loses a bit of points, as it is truly found wanting in this department. He has a ball joint head and some neck articulation; the shoulders have very unconventional joints. It has a slit that allows it to move back and forth but the you can raise the shoulder upwards revealing more of those coil like patterns, this does not look as great as a ball joint shoulder would have looked, the movement results in an awkward posture that is simply unrealistic. The torso has a ball joint above the abs that allows for some movement; there is no articulation at the elbow joint. The only other articulation on that entire appendage is a wrist swivel. The hips have ball joints on each side so the upper thigh can swivel side to side and move back and forth; but the radius is not that great. There is no articulation at the knee, only a swivel at the top of the boot. The ankles are hinge joints and that is all she wrote. So you are left which a bulky figure with little articulation.

A saving grace, however, is the accessories. This figure comes with a large display stand which works extremely well with this figure. As mentioned earlier it does a great job of hiding the bland back of the sculpt, but it also allows Ultimate Iron Man to re-enact some key poses. The gauntlets are removable; once removed it leaves you with Tony’s forearms. The forearms have holes in them, three holes in each forearm. The products comes with blue, red and green cords which plug into the display stand and then from the display stand into Stark’s forearms. This is great as you can have one gauntlet on and the other off, showing just what this figure can do.

Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man Review

The Ultimate Iron Man comes in the standard library style packaging. It has a powerful looking picture of Iron Man down the left side of the box; and an awesome vinyl sticker of Iron Man’s logo and some circuitry on the front. The packaging shows of each accessory and most of the impressive base, but unpacking the entire base is definitely more impressive. The back of the packaging gives you a brief bio on the Ultimate version of Iron Man and it shows of a few of the other products on offer as well, new products as this is a re-release.

I like this figure and although it has its fair share of disappointments, it is definitely good to know that this one is off of my bucket list. Is this the best Iron Man figure I own…simply put…I do not think so, but I am proud to own it. It looks great for most part and had it just had a few more points of articulation it would have been excellent. A huge thank you to Reza at Project Mayhem, thanks to him I have finally got one of the Marvel Selects I wanted most. Visit for more Marvel Select figures as well as other awesome products!

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