After seeing this figure as a Disney Exclusive back in 2011, local collector’s hearts sunk a little as this was the first time Marvel Select produced a Hawkeye figure, and it was in his classic costume as well. Three years have passed and Hawkeye has finally been re-released at half the price because there are no import costs involved. But does the figure live up to expectations and is it worth the price tag?

The sculpt is extremely detailed, you cannot help but be impressed by the level of detail that has gone into designing this figure. His mask looks on point, with the signature logo etched on the forehead, the visor design works well and the face underneath the mask actually resembles Cloint Barton. The amount of detail placed into the purple meshing on his upper torso is spectacular, the scale look really adds some great texture to the design making it stand out from the rest. His tunic has some great debossed detail as it raises the purple pattern off of the tunic, so Marvel Select has not taken the cheap way out and painted the purple decals on to the costume. His belt and pouches look great as once again they are not left as an afterthought. His belt is purple with black decals for added effect, his pouch even has an Avengers logo on it, it is impressive how something so small can show just the level of extra effort that has been put into this figure.

His boots look great as well, and make a great contrast to the plain nature of the trousers. Other than some great muscle sculpting the legs are just a solid blue with no added details such as pouches or pockets. His arms have some great details on the gloves as well as armour for the fore arm and straps around the biceps. The muscle structure on this figure is great. It shows off Clint Barton’s athletic physique and gives him bigger biceps as he uses his arms to showcase his talents; the detail is so intricate that you can see the veins in his arms.

The paint job on this figure is excellent; his eyes are not whited out so Marvel Select had to take extra care when painting these eyes. The purple paint on the costume looks as though it matches the purple of the comics. The blue paint on his tunic and trousers remains consistent wear it is utilised and does a great job of balancing the level of detail in this figure. The flesh tones used on Clint Barton also works quite well and as mention earlier the little black Avengers logo on his pouches does a great job of adding that little extra flair. The display base is painted well; but more on this in the accessories section.

When it comes to articulation, this figure does not hold back as the archer needs many parts of articulation in order to pull off those dynamic action poses. The head can swivel from left to right but it cannot look up and down. It has ball jointed shoulders with a swivel at the upper bicep, Hawkeye has a single jointed elbow and wrist swivels, so there is no hinged movement on of the wrists. He has no ab crunch but swivel movement at the waist. The figure has ball jointed hips that allow for a wide range of movement, fortunately the loincloth of the costume does a great job of covering the round hips. Then you have single hinge knees and hinged ankles. So there are some areas where the articulation could have been improved however the articulation is good just not great enough to make the most realistic of poses.

Accessories are always great and this Hawkeye comes with a number of them. He comes with a quiver which is removable and it can hold the arrows that come with the figure. He comes with his bow; however the string on his bow is made of a thick rubber like plastic that matches the colour of the bow. The bow string can still retract as if he is drawing his weapon, however a string bow might look better especially since this is a designer figure; the least they could do is make it authentic. Another nice added detail is the fact that The Wasp is sitting on the tip of one of Hawkeyes arrows. Making for a pose that allows a little Avengers tag team live action. The remainin arrows get plugged into what has got to be one of the most impressive bases in the Marvel Select action figure line. Hawkeye comes with a battled damaged Ultron that has fallen victim to this expert marksman. The paint on this display base is top notch contain different metallic colours and shades. This Ultron is worth of being a statue that is how accurate the level of detail is on this base!

The Hawkeye comes in the standard library style packaging which is synonymous with the Marvel Select line. It has a picture of Hawkeye down the left side of the box; althought that Hawkeye looks a lot like Dark Hawkeye! The packaging shows of each accessory and most of the impressive base. The back of the packaging gives you a brief bio on Clint Barton and it shows of a few of the other products on offer as well.

This is definitely a figure that was worth the wait, three years down the line and this Hawkeye is still one great Jean St. Jean design. This piece is a timeless classic in the Marvel Select line and is definitely one worth owning. With the Age of Ultron on the way why not get into the spirit by adding this Avenger to your collection. A huge thanks to Reza at Project Mayhem for securing this amazing figure, for more Marvel Select figures as well as other awesome products visit today!

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