Gentle Giant and Marvel Select present Falcon as seen in Captain America 2: Winter Soldier. With multiple points of articulation this is the first time you have seen Falcon at this scale since the days of Marvel Legends… when they were owned by Toybiz. But is this action figure worth the wait?


Let’s start with the head sculpt, the minute you look at it you will think that it looks good but something is slightly off about it. Allow me to point it out to you, his hair is wrong, the texture and paint is completely off. Falcon is left with light brown hair that is slicked back more like he is Terence Howard in “Hustle and Flow” than Anthony Mackie as Falcon. The paint should have been darker on the hair colour, if not black and little flicks to give a slight curled texture would have done the head sculpt wonders. The face does resemble Mackie well enough; remember there is no Hot Toy facial recognition advanced technology being used here and the goggles look excellent as they are highly detailed and the metallic red sheen on the lens works wonders. So overall the head sculpt is passable but not impeccable.

The body sculpt is quite big which is great, it is as though they took Mackie’s added mass from, “Pain and Gain.” into consideration. The body sculpt is definitely bigger than the Captain America figure but Falcon did look a tad bigger than Captain America in the film so what they have done can be described as film accurate. The military look on this figure is just amazing his torso has a military jacket will a bunch of harnesses for the wing mechanism. The harnesses are highly detailed and the paint applications are perfect. There is some great shading on the jacket but it is definitely the harness that sticks out on this one, the buckles have some great paint applications such a silver and gold on the various buckles, belts zips and straps. The flesh tone on his exposed arms is pulled off quite well; this leads into a rather impressive pair of sculpted gloves that make use of a mixture of gloss and matt paint. The hand sculpt is rather disappointing and this comes as a result of missing but crucial accessories; I will tackle this in the accessory section. As mentioned early he has a detailed belt which has two satchel looking additions on the hip, these additions run down the upper thigh affecting articulation a bit. His camo pants are painted well and features a little American flag on the one thigh. The knee pads do not only look great as they are sculpted to look like padding; but they also work well with the knee joints that this figure boasts, this makes for more authentic looking poses.


Further down this figure has an awesome pair of shin pads sculpted and painted on to the camo pants. These shin pads look great and introduce a little bit of metallic to the lower half of Falcon’s body. The calf has a little added detail as it has a pad which assists to Falcon flying and steering. This neatly sculpted addition runs all the way from the calf to the back of the boot once again this causes complication as it hinders the boot articulation. Whilst his boots still look great this lack of articulation is quite frustrating.

On to his flight pack, the sculpting and detail on the actual pack is amazing, the back pack reminds me of the Gundam thruster pack, it has great silver paint applications whilst the majority of the pack has a nice resin to it, there is a flap that runs from his lower back and ends at his butt, this crossed over his waist swivel; once again limiting the articulation there. The wings have pegs which you just plug into the top of the backpack. Now when you pick up the box you will immediately feel that it is rather heavy; the great thing is that that weight you are feeling is not from the wings. This figure is able to stand without the wings causing it to fall. The wingspan is great and filled with detail, as it mixes light grey and dark grey into the wing and even manages to mix a little of the traditional red into the wing. This is definitely a job well done thanks to Gentle Giant Studios.


Now the slight downside of the figure has to be the articulation. He has a ball joint head which moves great from side to side; it moves down well too but it is unable to look up so there go your launch poses. Not even his neck pivot can prevent this. He has great articulation in the shoulders that is not affected by the shoulder pads. He has a single joint elbow which is also able to swivel, his wrists are able to swivel and they are hinged. The wrist hinge allows them to point down with ease but the glove design prevents the wrists from pointing upwards. As mentioned earlier his waist swivel is well wasted thanks to the flight pack design. He has a t-crotch, here the articulation is limited again; the legs cannot split well and they are very limited when moved forward. This figure has no upper thigh swivel. One great point of his articulation is the double jointed knees that work well with the kneepad sculpt. He does not have a swivel at the top of his boot but he has an ankle pivot which works well from side to side but you can only point his toes up thanks to the design. Had they just added a little peg into that flight mechanism it would have been great, that way you could have lifted the device and allowed the boot to move backwards; this would have been great for flight poses. Now you are left with a flat footed flyer.

Another downfall is the lack of accessories; this figure only comes with a display stand and this has resulted in rather bland glove sculpts. Alternate hands would have looked great; maybe a pair with trigger fingers and then the figure could have come with some added pistols. Instead you only get a little display that looks like a plain S.H.E.I.L.D hall of fame or something; his wingspan is far too wide for this display cubicle as well. Had he been given extra hands and weapons and a display stand similar to that of a Playarts figure or the old Toybiz Legends figure; it would have been great.


The packaging is the traditional Marvel Select library style. The side has a painted version of Anthony Mackie from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The back of the packing has a brief bio for the movie version of this character and that is about all she wrote.

Despite the articulation flaws and the little lack of curl in the hair which is painted rather too light; this Falcon is a great figure and is definitely one worth owning, the sheer size of this figure will make a great display but with the proper accessories this figure could have been a brilliant one. Thanks to Project Mayhem for making sure I got this awesome figure. For this and more of their products visit today!


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