Accessories: 8 / 10

Articulation: 5 / 10

Packaging: 9 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 10 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

From the minute the concept photos were released, I knew that this figure had to be one in my collection. It is not every day that we fanboys get our prayers answered, but Diamond Select came with the answer in the form of Cable.


The sculpt on this guy is great, from head to toe the amount of effort put into the detail on this figure is simply astounding. His head has well-textured hair that is painted in its signature colour then looking at his face; Cable looks rough and rugged and you can see each frown in his face. He has the signature different looking eyes and the scar on the side of his face. From his shoulders down he is covered in one huge and bulky tactical vest. His tactical vest makes him look as though he were a character in Gears of War; yes it is that huge! He has his signature over-sized shoulder pads with an “X” logo on the colour. His tactical vest if filled with explosives as they are sculpted to the vest. The vest also has highly detailed harnesses and the paint on these tiny details are rather impressive. His virus infected arm has loved the sculpted detail and it has been given a great paint job. This arm also has a shorter glove than the one on his other arm. This allows more of the detail to be brought to the fore. His other arm has a few rounds wrapped around the bicep and a longer glove with a high cuff. His pants are his signature light blue; there is not much detail on the thighs; the only thing worth a mention is that both thighs have pouches attached to them and his accessories do actual fit inside these pouches. But more on that in the accessory section that is still to come up. His boots come up above the knee but yes he does have a different boot on each foot; it is noticeable but it is meant to be that way. Both boots are done in bright metallic silver. Although the sculpts on the boots are different; they do look great thanks to the amount of detail that has been added to them.


In terms of articulation this figure is extremely limited and that is mostly thanks to a huge tactical vest. His head is barely able to move side to side and up and down movement. Much like the way in which the collar impedes the neck movement of the ball joint at the head; the shoulder pads limit the shoulders range of motion. The shoulder pads prevent the arm from being raised too high and the forward and backward swivel at the shoulder is basically useless, there is no swivel at the bicep. So all we are left with is a single jointed elbow and a wrist that has some decent movement. Thanks to the vest; there is no ab crunch. There is a swivel at the waist and his hips are done in the same style as the DC Collectibles Batman Animated series figures are done. So you have some great movement however it looks kind of funny as the joints do not look “natural” when articulated. This would definitely have been more appealing if it had ball joints with swivels at the upper thigh. Instead, you have swivels on the cut at the line of the straps on his thighs. He has double joint knees and a hinge at both ankles. His ankles are also able to rock side to side, however, the range of motion on each ankle varies thanks to the design of the respective boots. So all in all the sculpt is rather limited when it comes to articulation.

There are plenty of accessories and 90% of them happen to be guns. He has a rifle that doubles up as a shoulder cannon, sadly his hands do not hold this weapon that well and to make things worse the gun does not clip onto the shoulder; it might only remain in place if it were glued. He has two detail hand guns four those dual action poses. The hands manage to hold these quite well and they also fit into the pouches on each thigh. In order to get them into the pouches you need to pull out the holstered gun handle, yes there is a holster within a holster that thus has a gun handle exposed. The cool thing is that the tiny gun within that holster is removable! Then he has a gun almost as tall as his sculpt. Sadly because of the guns weight and his poor hand design; poses with this gun are extremely limited as more often than not the gun falls out of his hand thanks to gravity. The remaining 10% comprises of a knife which can be sheathed on his back. This knife is only able to fit his left hand. He also comes with a display base in which you see the remains if a defeated Stryfe as his mask, cape and shoulder pad decompose in defeat.


The packaging is the standard Library style boxes which contain the character drawing on the side; which is an amazing picture of Cable himself. Then he back of the packing has a product picture and a brief character bio; for those people that are unaware of the awesomeness that is Cable. The front has a great window style which shows the figure and its wealth of accessories.

Despite his flaws; Cable is still an awesome addition to your Marvel Select and action figure collection. The sculpt is amazing for the most part and it is highly detailed and well painted. For a Xmen or Cable fan, this is a must-have. Articulation is not the be all and end all for this figure. It has many other great aspects which can own be appreciated when you look at it up close. This awesome figure was brought to us courtesy of Project Mayhem, be sure to look at their newly updated website for this and other great products.

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