Marvel Select Ant-Man Figure

Accessories: 7 / 10

Articulation: 8 / 10

Packaging: 9 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 9 / 10

Value: 10 / 10

Marvel Select has released an Ant-Man figure that will add a bit of size to your collection.


Unlike Hasbro’s other offerings, this Ant-Man figure is film accurate. It has a great sculpt and some excellent paint applications. If you look at the Marvel Legends Infinite Ant-Man, you will notice that his mouth is exposed, which is not the case in the movie. The Marvel Select offers a great sculpt, albeit the metallic finish is a little lighter than the gunmetal colour of the movie costume, but this is a minor gripe. They have captured the eyes perfectly with some great red being used on the lenses, unlike the weird orange lenses on the Hasbro offering. The rest of the helmet looks great as well. The panelling is great and the attention to detail is extraordinary. From the antennae on his ears to the tubes on his neck piece, everything has been captured on this sculpt.

The rest of the figure looks great as well. The plastic used resembles the leather of the suit quite well as they have kept the majority of the costume in a gloss black plastic. The red of the costume is also free of texture so the smooth finish gives the figure that leather clad look. You have some silver seams and plates on the suit which look great as the silver metallic paint just brings the suit to life. The red on the suit also has some great shadowing effects added to it as well.


Throughout the costume, you will see red and silver circular sculpts, which really add to the amount of detail that was placed into the creation of this figure. The elbows on this figure are great as well. The joint is covered by an elbow pad which hides the joint quite well creating a nice flow in the finish. Both arms have little gauntlets which are great in design and come with the silver paint. The inside of the gloves are also finished in the trademark red and this is a nice added touch. They could have easily given a plain black glove, but instead they have opted to go the extra mile. The back has so metal tubing and plates and this runs into a nicely detailed belt. The belt is chunky and is a great break to the figures sleek design. For some reason, the silver paint and red circles on the belt just scream Ultron to me. His lower half continues with the gloss black leather pants and this runs into a pair of impressive-looking boots. The pants and boots are panelled in silver and they have sections of red which keep the colour scheme going. So this figure has an impressive sculpt that is movie accurate for the most part.

This figure does offer some nice articulation as well. The head can move up and down and side to side; it is also able to pivot. He has ball joints at the shoulders which offer an excellent range of motion. He has a single jointed elbow which also swivels. His wrists are also able to swivel and the peg has hinges as well. His abdomen has a great range of motion it can also crunch both backwards and forwards with ease. There is a waist swivel as well, this is followed by hip joints that allow him to do an impressive split. Ant-Man has an upper thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankles that are able to pivot as well. So this figure is able to strike some of its more iconic poses thanks to the amount of articulation that it has.


In terms of accessories you receive some extra hands and an Ant-Man mini-figure. The Disney exclusive version also comes with an alternate head sculpted in Paul Rudd’s likeness. They could have given a little bit more with this figure. Just because it is Ant-Man it doesn’t mean that you can scale down on the accessories. A display base could have worked nicely. Or maybe an oversized ant or two? There are so many options, yet we have received none. This is a great opportunity that has been lost.

The packaging is the standard library storage style that is synonymous with Marvel Select. The back of the packaging has a giant picture of Ant-Man and the side of the packaging has our hero in action as suggested by a close up of him striking a running pose.

Standing over 7 inches, this Ant-Man figure is great to own. The movie is great and this figure follows suit. I had every intention of purchasing the Hasbro series as well. However, this figure convinced me that Marvel Select was the way to go and that no Hasbro figure can even compare to the amount of effort and detail.

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