Marvel Select Amazing Spider-man 2 Figure

As a collector I have always held back on getting a Marvel Select Spider-man figure. The main reason being that none of the previous figures really appealed to my senses. There was always the lingering feeling that a better Spider-man would follow. With this release my spider-sense tingled and I knew this had to be the first Marvel Select Spider-man for me.

Marvel Select Amazing Spider-man 2 Figure

This figure has got it right. The sculpt is impeccable for the most part and so is the paint. Let’s start off from the top with the head sculpt. The lenses on the eyes look amazing, the eyes are definitely in the right proportion and the paint application on the actual lens gives some great added detail. The lenses have a great sheen to it so you still get the feeling that the character is using thos contra vision like lenses that Andrew Garfield makes use of in the movie. This effect also gives him a more “Bug Eyed” look, really suiting Spider-Man as well. The webbing on the mask is sculpted quited well as it rises from the actual figure and in not only black lines being painted on to a smooth sculpt. This is the same scenario with the entire body sculpt of this Spider-Man, wherever you see black web panelling on the figure, those lines are on a raised surface; for most part this is great. There is the odd spot where the line paint app does not fall on the sculpted web or the line does not complete fully but that is only really noticeable if you are really looking for problems with the figure; so it is definitely not a major issue. The body on this sculpt looks more like it is a body that belongs to Andrew Garfield. The first Amazing Spider-man Marvel Select looked a bit shorter and stockier, this one is taller, standing at just over 7 inches, more sleek and less muscular (no thunder thighs). The figure has a nice pair of sculpted gloves that sport the all new web shooter in red. The paint applications throughout this sculpt is far superior as well. The previous Amazing Spider-man had a weird baby blue which was a hit for some but left others wanting the metallic version more. On this figure…the blue paint on the Torso and legs is perfect. The blue makes use of some great shading; combining light blue with a darker blue and this just enhances the textures on the non-webbed sections of the suit. The boots get the same treatment in terms of webbing that protrudes from the sculpt, so this figure in essence looks just like its movie counterpart except the red being used is better. The chest and back have great spider logos and in case you were wondering about the finest of details; yes the figure has black paint on the sole of the boot as seen in the film.

Marvel Select Amazing Spider-man 2 Figure

Now for the most important part of any Spider-Man figure… the articulation. As an agile master level acrobat it is important that a Spider-Man figure is flexible and able to strike the many infamous poses of the lead character. So basically this could be the make or break section for this figure. His head is able to move up and down relatively far, it has great side to side movement and allows for the neck being able to tilt for those classic Spidey glare poses. He has great shoulder movement; sadly there is no bicep swivel at the upper bicep. He has a single jointed elbow that is able to swivel at the elbow. There is no swivel at the top of the glove. He has wrists that make use of both swivel and hinge joints, this is great for posing! He does not make use of the tradional Ab-crunch bit his torso can move forwards and backwards a little bit, it can also move side to side and tilt as well…ever so slightly though. There is no swivel at the belt, but he has some great movement thanks to the ball joints used at the hip, this figure can pull off some great web slinging poses, heck it can eve pull off the signature Van Damme split legged kick. The ball joints also allow the figure to axe kick beautifully. He has an upper thigh swivel, no mid-thigh swivel on this one! Double jointed knees with not articulation at the cuff of his boot; which is rather sad. His ankles have great articulation, they can move up down, sided to side and pivot at angles. Sadly there is no articulation at the toes; leaving this figure a little flat-footed. Man even Tobey Spider-Man one figures had articulation at the toes! So the articulation overall is pleasing however it definitely could have been better, especially since this is Spider-Man.

Marvel Select Unmasked Amazing Spider-Man 2 Figure

Marvel Select Unmasked Amazing Spider-Man 2 Figure

Now the regular version of this figure sacrifices the traditional display base, in exchange it comes with a wealth of accessories. This is far better than the recycled display base that will be coming out with other releases of this exact same sculpt. This figure comes with a fireman helmet and hose nozzle for movie re-enactments. It also comes with two strands of webbing; so you can have your hero web swinging from stand to strand. But each strand also has clips which allow for the creation of a thicker web by combining the two. Perfect for creating the epic web swing! The webbing has some decent detail and is definitely a worthwhile addition. But the 5 pairs of hands is definitely the buying factor on this one. You get the classic web shooting hands with removable webbing, a pair of fist hands, then there is a non-matching pair of hands; one holds the hose the other the web-line. Then there is a pair of hands with the thumbs raised also most likely for the web-swinging and last but not least the wall crawling hands. The sheer amount of accessories here will create some epic poses; so really a little display base such as the one in the Toybiz Legends line would have worked wonders here. The helmet and hose could have even been sacrificed for that display stand.


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The packaging is the traditional Marvel Select library style. The side has a picture of Spider-man in full colour. The back of the packing has a brief bio for the movie version of this character and a huge Spider-Man striking a pose across the card.

This figure is the perfect Spider-Man in the Marvel Select line. It may have taken a while but there is no buyer’s remorse here. Sure there could be have been a little more articulation and maybe the all-important display base as seen in the Playarts line but those are minor issues, there is still plenty to work with here! A big thank you to Reza once again. Visit right now!

mazing Spider-Man 2 Marvel Select Spider-Man Action Figure

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