Accessories: 6 / 10

Articulation: 9 / 10

Packaging: 10 / 10

Sculpting: 8 / 10

Paint: 8 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

Many of you will know that Toys R Us South Africa never got this. Neither did Prima Toy. So to have been able to obtain any figure from this line locally was simply amazing. This figure looked to be my favourite in the series but does it meet expectations?


The figure comes with the mask on and an alternate mask less head; the sculpt and detail on the masked version is rather impressive. His hair has a nice natural looking wavy flow to it and his face is covered with a perfectly sculpted mask that has rather impressive goggles and the paint on the mouth protector is a lovely added touch. His alternate head gets the job done, he does not look exactly like the actor but this is not Hot Toys. In order to get away with not having the exact likeness replicated, they take the black paint around Winter Soldier’s eyes and extend it all over his face. There is so much paint on his face you would think that he was preparing to fight a Predator or something.

His tactical vest looks great it has been given a great paint job and the amount of detail in the panels is quite admirable. The straps on his tactical vest are removable and they are sculpted from a soft rubber that allows it to be more durable. His one arm is a continuation of his tactical gear. It has a great looking pad on his forearm; it almost looks like a gauntlet. It also holds awesome golden bullets for the Winter Soldier to reload from his forearm. His other arm is his robotic arm and it looks great. The level of detail will leave you in awe. The arm has his signature red soviet star on the shoulder. Then it is filled with debossed panelling that has been lined using a black pen. This arm leads to a perfectly sculpted glove that shows the panelling on his fingers. He has a great looking tactical belt with a silver painted buckle. It allows for a holster on his side…which he has no weapon for. His trousers have not been given the same amount of attention, their paint has a little black here and there, but the pants run in the boots, the boots are sculpted well but once again it lacks in the paint department. The boots have stitches and straps and a nice tread, but none of this really exemplified due to the lack of a proper paint job.


Where this figure does score some major points is on articulation. He has a ball joint head however his hair limits the motion at this point of articulation. He has ball-jointed shoulder with a great range of movement. A bicep swivel is found at the upper biceps, he has double jointed elbows which work exceptionally well. A wrist swivel and a hinge joint allow for great wrist movement. This figure has an ab crunch which works well and helps the figure to set up some excellent poses. His ab crunch does not bend the spine back that far though, but that is a minor issue as he still has a waist swivel. He has ball joints at the hip which give great movement. A swivel at the upper thigh, double jointed knees and ankle swivel which is also able to pivot quite well.

Accessory wise you only have his alternate head which is decent looking, then you have a horrible sniper rifle which is basically a repainted version of the Hydra soldier’s weapon from the first wave of these movie figures. The bulk of the paint on this sniper rifle is a load hot rod red which takes the realism away from this figure completely. To make things worse, this is the only gun he comes with, not even a handgun, nor a semi-automatic…not even a set of extra hands. The only other accessory is a piece of the build a figure Mandroid.

The packaging on this one is excellent! Like the rest of the figures in the new legends line the packaging has gloss silk-screens on the front logo as well as the character picture at the back; even the tiny images of the other figures in the wave have received a little-added gloss silk-screen. The blister card packaging showcases the figure and its few accessories. The back of the packaging also has a brief character bio on the lead character as well as a picture of the Build-A-Figure Mandroid. The side panel has a picture of Captain America done in a blue hue.

This is a great action figure, not the best Winter Soldier out there, but it is better than the previous legends and 3” figure versions. I like this figure as it is affordable and it gets the job done. The only other Winter Soldier movie version action figure might set you back a few thousands of rands!


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