Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon

First things first, Rocket is not just a Raccoon; he is a core member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and one of the best characters in Marvel’s cinematic history. But how does his action figure counterpart fare in comparison to his on screen success?

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon Review

A decent amount of detail is captured in this figure that stands just over three inches tall. Let’s get things started off with the head sculpt – the face is rather disappointing even though it bears the likeness of the character. We are used to seeing a ferocious, gnarling Rocket that is bearing his razor sharp pearly whites. Instead, with this one, we get a sedated puppy eyed Rocket. It is almost as if he has been smoking some of Groot’s extra special green leaves and has gone mellow! Other than that, the rest of the face looks good. You get some nicely textured fur that has a little paint variation to it. His ears look great and well balanced. The paint on his sad face is great. It gives a load of variations in the colour of his fur and captures his likeness well in that regard. His neck has some sculpted fur for added detail and his exposed arms also receive some great texture. His suit looks awesome, the bright orange and metallic straps work well with each other on this figure, and the torso portion of his suit has some texture and plating that makes Rocket look as though he is wearing a bullet proof vest.

The back of his suit is amazing. He has some nice detail on the collar, and the metallic shoulder pads come around his back and joining to a metallic plate on his spine. The metallic plate has a fancy teal light in it. The rest of the pack still has some great detail and impressive paint applications. He has a set of hands that make use of different sculpt, his right hand has an open palm for holding the blaster whilst his left hand bears a rather itchy looking trigger finger. His ¾ shorts have some great detail, the have nice folds which make it look more realistic. The trousers also have some well sculpted and painted straps, the gold armour plating on his thighs look great as well. His raccoon calf and feet contain less deep textures and are less detailed than his hands and the fur that is visible on the rest of his body. He has a well sculpted tail that has some decent painted stripes on it. So he definitely looks like a raccoon!

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon Review

Being a tiny figure, he is rather limited in articulation, when compared to the other characters in this wave. He has a ball joint head that can only move side to side. This figure is not really able to look up or down due to the sculpting used on his furry neck. His shoulder have a nice amount of movement, they move outward quite well and can move forward with ease. He has a single jointed elbow with a swivel that allows for added movement. He has wrist swivels in both hands which help with the gun wielding poses. He has a waist that looks like it is on a ball peg. It can swivel side to side quite easily. I t is able to pivot slightly and you also have some forward and backward movement in the abdominal area. His tail is only able to move much like a helicopter’s rotor blades so you have his tail swinging round and round like a dial on a clock. The tail is crucial to this figure as it is the only part that allows this figure to stand. You need to allow the figure to tilt back slightly so it can use the tail to stand upright; otherwise it just tends to fall forward.

The reason this figure is very important to get is the fact that it comes with accessories that are crucial to the Guardians of the Galaxy team. First the Build-A-Figure piece that comes with this figure happens to be Groot himself. Yes you get the head and upper torso of Groot with this one. Groot also looks kind of sad, it would have been nice to see him smiling next to a rabid Raccoon but I guess neither of the duo got a decent face sculpt. Groot has some nice variations in his colouring as his brown tree bark body has a green sheen to it. Another important accessory is the huge missile blaster cannon that Star-Lord makes use of, Once you remove the backpack from the Star-Lord figure this blaster can be added to the torso of Star-Lord. It clips and holds quite nicely thanks to the trench coat. Allowing the Star-Lord figure to hold it in such a way that he is able to re-enact some key moments from the film. The blaster is highly detailed and has some exceptional metallic paint finishes to it. The silver and grey metallic areas have a great gun metal wash to them bringing out the best of this accessory. Rocket Raccoon come with one of his signature oversized space blasters. The sculpted detail and colour choice of this weapon is wicked! It has a nice wash to it as well, Marvel Legends has not held back on the paint jobs when it comes to this series. Rocket Raccoon holds this weapon a bit better in his left hand; the open palm of the right hand does not look or do as great a job with this accessory.

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon Review

The packaging on this one is great! It has awesome gloss silk-screens on the front logos. The gloss silk-screen can also be found on the character picture at the back; the tiny images of the other figures in the wave have received a little added gloss silk-screen as well. The blister card packaging showcases the figure and all of its accessories; it has a nice picture of Rocket Raccoon on both sides. The back of the packaging also has a brief character bio on this legendary bounty hunter it also has a picture of the Build-A-Figure Groot.

Despite its lack of articulation and his rather sad beady eyed face, this still makes for a great figure to own. This Rocket Raccoon is a memorable character that played a huge role in the success of this film and this action figure still manages to do him the justice. An alternate, ferocious looking face would have been a great accessory but this figure is still able to get by without it. This figure is a must have if you have purchased the Star-Lord figure and wish to re-enact moments from the movie!

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