lil gotham robin figure review

Accessories: 5 / 10

Articulation: 4 / 10

Packaging: 8 / 10

Sculpting: 8.5 / 10

Paint: 10 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

Li’l Gotham may have the Dark Knight as its protector, but sometimes even the hero needs a li’l help. DC Collectibles presents Li’l Robin in the signature style of Dustin Nguyen.

Li’l Gotham may have the Dark Knight as its protector, but sometimes even the hero needs a li’l help. DC Collectibles presents Li’l Robin in the signature style of Dustin Nguyen.

Robin stands a little shorter than the rest of the figures in the series, but this is good as it is true to scale and after all he is Robin. So he can’t be walking around at the same height as Batman, This figure is a lot scrawnier than the brawny chucky Batman Li’l Gotham figure but this figure does have its strong points thanks to a rather impressive sculpt. The headsculpt on this little guy is cool, it gives off that watery stylized feel synonymous with the comic and it captures the character perfectly. Robin has the oversized ears and the cheeky smirk, this almost emphasises the fact that he is a kid, it is like he still has to grow into his ears or something, the design of his hair looks great. He has the classic schoolboy haircut and it has some great sculpting and added texture. His mask looks great as well the eyes are silver with a black panel on the outside the mask is in his signature green. He has a nice, clean soft PVC cape which is flexible yet retains its shape, the paint on the cape does not crack when bent either. The sculpt on his torso looks amazing thanks to some accurate paint work. He has a nice matt red jacket with an impressive logo on the pectoral, then he has an awesome Matt yellow belt that has some great panelling and intricate detail, his arms end in some great looking gauntlets that have some nice black panelling, his jacket extends till underneath his belt, but the two flaps at the end of the jacket are also so PVC and therefore fully flexible. His legs are quite curved so he has some bow-leggedness but it is not Rickets level bad, his boots, like his gloves, are also finished in the signature green however they are not as detailed but they still look great.


Articulation is definitely not this figures strong point, but then again it is not really meant to be, these are more like designer display figures at the end of the day. His head is on a ball joint at the top of hi neck so he can look left and right with ease but has a little up and down movement. His shoulders are ball joints so he can move his arms with ease, he has a swivel at the top of the bicep. No elbow joints at all, but his wrists do swivel as well. He has a T-crotch so his legs can only move forward and back at the hip. Now because of his bow legs and a lack of articulation in the legs, he is unable to stand on his own So you might want to buy a little display base to clip into the peg holes underneath his boots.

This figure comes with very few accessories; basically he comes with two baseball bats, which are rather loose when placed in his hands as they come off of a little peg. You then slide the bat on to his palms an put the peg into the peg hole which is at the base of the baseball bat. The problem here is that the items do not sit flush so the fit is a bit loose making the bats wobble when moved, this is not ideal but nothing major. His belt buckle also pops off quite easily, not sure if this is an accessory or a defect but I am thinking it is the latter.

The packaging is the same as the Batman’s blister card box, you have a colour picture of Robin on the one side The figure is clearly visible from the front, with the accessories on display. On the back we have the images of the rest of the figures in this series and yes…I own them all. As they are awesome.

Overall it is a great figure based on looks alone, having gone from a doubter in this figure line I am now a believer. I do believe DC Collectibles could make their wholesale price a little cheaper as these guys are relatively pricey. But the amount of effort placed into the sculpting and painting makes it justifiable. So no buyer’s remorse here! A big thanks has to go to Critters and Comics for securing this awesome figure for me. For this and many other products, visit


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