Accessories: 4 / 10

Articulation: 4 / 10

Packaging: 8 / 10

Sculpting: 9 / 10

Paint: 9 / 10

Value: 7 / 10

The final figure in the first Series of Li’l Gotham is none other than the cutest criminal mind ever, The Joker.


Yes, this version of the joker is not as twisted and psychotic looking as one would expect. It is indeed the final figure, even though, the packaging would suggest otherwise.

The sculpt on this version of The Joker looks great, in fact, it is his happy face that creeps me out quite a bit. He truly seems delighted and a delighted Joker is a scary Joker, well at least to me it is. The head sculpt is impressive he has a great amount of detail on the hair alone. His hair flicks in different directions and is filled with some great volume and sculpted strands. His face is a pale white; it is brought to life with some nice blush in the cheeks and a brightly coloured mouth. The colouring works well with the expression on Joker’s face creating a truly unique representation of this classic villain. He is wearing his traditional purple suit which is done in a pastel like colour much like Robin was done. None of that high gloss nonsense that ruined the Harley Quinn figure. His torso has some great sculpting, a nice undershirt with a lovely sculpted matt orange tie. He has a waistband that covers his abdomen; it has some nice creases sculpted into it and matches the colour of the tie. His lower body is a pair of purple trousers which runs down into a nice pair of stylish looking shoes, which is finished in a gloss black and white colour scheme.

The accessories here are almost non-existent; all that this Li’l Joker comes with is another pet Hyena. Unlike Harley’s Hyena, the one that comes with The Joker is standing on all fours, looking alert but definitely not threatening at all. He also comes with a little display stand. He is able to stand on his own, but the stand is a nice little added touch it is better than receiving the hyena only.


As expected from the figures in this series, articulation is rather limited so it is worth noting that these are designer figures. They are not made for fiddling around with; their joints are brittle and each time you play around with them you run the risk of doing some permanent damage. His head can swivel left and right; the shoulder articulation is present albeit it rather limited. It has a ball joint and swivel at the point where the bicep connects with the shoulder. His wrists can swivel but once gain it feels like the joint is taking a bit of strain when you make it swivel. His has a T-crotch which allows his legs to move forward and backward. So you can have him posed in a walking position but that is about all you will get from this figure.

The packaging is the same as the Harley’s blister card box, you have a colour picture of Joker on the one side. He is presented in his signature look of the Li’l Gotham series. The figure is clearly visible from the front, with the hyena on display. On the back, we have the images of the rest of the figures in this series and yes, you will notice he is number 3 in the series, however, he was released last.

Overall, this is a decent figure. DC collectables can still drop their recommend sale price, in my opinion. This guy looks great but is rather limited in terms of articulation and accessories. But I still like the figure enough to approve its purchase. It is something unique and it will look great, especially if he is next to Harley Quinn. Thanks to Critters and Comics once again, visit their webpage for more of the latest products.


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