Accessories: 8 / 10

Articulation: 3 / 10

Packaging: 8 / 10

Sculpting: 8.5 / 10

Paint: 3 / 10

Value: 7 / 10

The power couple of DC has arrived and we get to see Harley Quinn first, presented in her signature look from the pages of Li’l Gotham.


This is a cool looking figure, the sculpt is true to her Li’l Gotham representation as DC Collectibles manage to pull off a great looking figure irrespective of the tiny scale. Harley Quinn has a great head sculpt, her clown hat looks great and the colour contrast of her blonde bangs really adds to the head sculpt which is mostly black and white. The body sculpt also looks good Harley has the signature criss-cross of black and red throughout her costume and a nicely detailed collar but this figure suffers from a major problem and that is the criss-cross paint job on the upper and lower body. The paint flakes off with ease. Fiddling around with the articulation of this figure is not recommended. You have been warned.

This tiny Harley comes with the most accessories in the series, she has a nice display base, a cute but highly detailed pet hyena, a doll of her “Puddin’” which fits in her hand with ease, so it looks as though she is dragging him alongside her in every adventure. Then she has the oversized mallet which doesn’t work all that well. It can only retain one pose as she cannot hold the sledgehammer so that the mallet faces up. It just drops out of her fingers and if you secure it on her hand, the weight of the hammer will just cause her to topple over as if she is not worthy. But at least she came with decent accessories and should Dc do a second series for the price you pay for these li’l guys one deserves to have more accessories.


As with the other figures, the articulation is rather limited. I see this figure as more of a designer piece, it is meant to be set up once and just stand on its place for the rest of its life. If you want to play around with Harley I suggest you get another figure, not only does the paint just flake off; the joints are also rather brittle. She has a neck swivel so her head can only move side to side, she has ball joint shoulders which offer some decent range of motion, she has wrist swivels and a very limited T-crotch; she can basically kick her legs forward only and the range of movement there is extremely limited as well.

The packaging is you classic blister card packaging that displays the entire figure and its accessories in all their glory. The side of the packaging has a nice image of Harley Quinn of Li’l Gotham, and then the back of the packaging has pictures of the other figures in the series. So it is exactly the same as the other figures in the line with the exception that there are more accessories on display.

I like the figure. It really looks great and it will stay that way if you keep it in the packaging. On a practical note though, it fails miserably mostly due to the glossy paint that just flakes off with ease. Would it be a waste to buy this figure? No. February is Harley month so this little Harley won’t set you back much (and it will make a lovely Valentine’s gift). But if you want this figure to last longer than the month of February, I suggest you keep it in the packaging or put it up on display once and never ever move it again. Thanks to Critters and Comics once again. Visit for this and more Li’l Gotham products!


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