DC Collectibles gives us the first Talon action figure brought to life with such accuracy that it would make Greg Capullo proud!

This sculpt is amazing. It is as if the Talon has leaped off of a page – the sculpting and detail is so true to Greg Capullo’s design.

This arc was definitely among the strongest when DC launched with the New 52. Greg Capullo gave the reader a new Batman, one who would have to save Gotham from their “Guardians”, The Court of Owls.

This figure is 1/10 scale, so it stands at around 7 inches tall. A load of detail is crammed into this sculpt. The mask looks great. The goggles and mask design all look like they were sculpted separately and then added to the mask. So the goggles might look removable but they are not.

The torso of the sculpt has some nice subtle panelling that really works well with the design, yet makes it believable that the Talon is an Assassin and works in the shadows of Gotham. The panelling continues on to the arms and abs adding to a unique looking piece. The knives on his chest are also part of the design. These are not accessories. Even though they have been sculpted separately, the knives are glued into the belt. They are not removable. Another interesting aspect of this sculpt has to be the gauntlets. Each arm has a well sculpted gauntlet, especially the one that features the golden owl etched with precision. The sculpt also features some nice knee pads and nice panelled lightweight boots. The Talon are assassins, so do not expect combat boots on this one!

The paint applications are great. Being an assassin, the majority of the figure is black but this works well with the metallic colours. The black is also not a solid flat black, so the panelling in the design is noticeable.

The mask is a combination of gold and silver. This works well, as the design of the mask really makes him look like a bird of prey. The knifes on his chest are painted with precision and because they are inserted into the belt, and not mock blades sculpted with the belt, you do not have silver paints running onto the belt.

The Gauntlet that features the owl decal looks great. The metallic gold runs from the gauntlet cuff right to the knuckles on the glove, creating one solid design. The other gauntlet is made of darts in wrapped around the forearm. This features silver tips for the darts. The transition into the glove on this one is not as great but still it is impressive and does a great job of breaking the symmetry subtly. The belt and pouches are painted in almost bronzing brown. So this figure really looks like it was created from Greg Capullo’s official design blue prints.

Image Source: toyark.com

This DC collectible features some new points of articulation that have only featured recently in the New 52 DC Collectible line. But this figure lacks one point of articulation that might just be the deciding factor when it comes to purchases. If you like to place your action figures into action poses, I have to inform you that The Talon has no head articulation at all. This comes as a result of the mask design, which runs like a hood that widens over the shoulder and ends on the upper chest. This hood is a solid chunk of plastic; so there is no movement at all!

You have ball joints at the shoulders, swivels on the upper biceps, single hinged elbows, swivel at the cuff of the gauntlet, hinged wrists that are able to swivel as well. Then you have an ab-crunch, swivel at the waist, a T-crotch that allows for good movement. Swivels joints on the upper thigh, double jointed knees that allow for stealthy stances and hinged ankles that swivel as well. So even though you lose some articulation at the head and neck, this figure still has great range of movement.

Image Source: toyark.com

It also has great accessories! You receive two swords and two knives which have great paint applications and detail. Both swords are able to slide into a nicely detailed sheath on the figures back. The blades on the sword may seem a little short, but it is likeable and looks like the blades of an assassin. One of the knifes can fit in a holder on the hip whilst the other has to go into his hand in order to create those assassin like stances. Make sure you point the blade down for added effect! Then the accessory you have to like the most is the creepy Court of Owls mask. It comes with The Talon only and this was the deciding factor of this purchase. The mask is a solid plastic and a solid accessory!

This DC Collectible comes in a new design for their window box packaging; this is most likely because it is part of the Capullo range. The name is written down the side of the window. The window is wider allowing for a better view of the figure and its accessories. There is no biography on the back of the box; instead you have the other figures that are in this designer series. It has some art on the insie of the box; which has a golden yellow border and text. The side of the box has a picture of Talon done in the silhouette style of the New 52 figures. So you are able to store these figures in a library system as well.

This is a great looking figure that is the first of its kind for this character. The sculpting captures the essence of an assassin and does a great job of bringing Capullo’s artwork to life. If you liked the Court of Owls, as much as any Bat fan should, this is a figure that you have to own! A big thanks to Hennie and Marco at Critters and Comics. They manage to secure great figures at great prices everytime. Visit www.crittersandcomics.co.za.

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