Deathstroke POP Vinyl Review
Designed by: Funko

Thanks to the staff at Critters and Comics, as well as a heads up from Deborah Moreland at Diamond Comics Distributors, I was able to secure the PX Exclusive Metallic version of this great POP! vinyl figure.

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Deathstroke is everywhere, from comics, to games to film. DC has done wonders with this master class mercenary. Now it is Funko’s turn to take Deathstroke, squash him, and make something awesome. As a result we have a neatly sculpted vinyl figure that oozes awesome. Measuring just under 4 inches, this Slade Wilson still has both of his eyes, one pupil being black and the other a metallic red. This figure shows the New 52 version of Deathstroke and executes the intricate details quite well despite its tiny scale. The suit has a great level of detail and some great paneling. Slade is wielding his favourite blade. Deathstroke also has a metallic sidearm and a few explosives on his tactical belt. The sculpted mesh of his chest plating looks great and is really enhanced by the metallic paints.

About 97% of this figure is painted using various metallic colours. The dark orange looks amazing, making this villain look deadly – even for a nendroid. The signature nose sculpt looks cool on this mask as he stares into the soul of his victim with those little beady eyes. The Metallic blue used on the paint job is prefect and creates a great colour contrast in the figure. His sidearm and sword are finished in a silver paint whilst some matt blue paint and a silver metallic paneling can be found on his face plate.


As far as articulation goes, you can only turn his head. Unlike the POP figures of the past, this figure is not a bobble head. This is a small scale action figure with a big amount of detail even if this comes mostly as a result of a lack of articulation. The figure comes in window packaging that showcases the design. The back of the box showcases the other Deathstrokes in this action packed line up.

Once again a big thank you to Critters and Comics for being able to get this exclusive version and to Diamond Comics for sending the e-mail that made me well aware of this products existence! This has to be a POP favourite! It takes Deathstroke and makes him cute but deadly.


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