Accessories: 6 / 10

Articulation: 10 / 10

Packaging: 9 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 9.5 / 10

Value: 10 / 10

The second figure in this new line is none other than Justice League Dark’s Deadman.

Deadman has always been a rather interesting character and he definitely has his very own signature look; a look that is pulled off quite well here. This new scale and figure design bring Deadman to life. He is able to strike some great poses, thanks to the improved articulation and muscle structure.


As mentioned in the Batman review, these figures are slimmer than the DC Collectibles New 52 line that spanned over the last few years. They still stand over 6 inches but they are scaled similar to the current McFarlane figurine lines and Kaiyodo’s Revoltech line. But every inch of this here figure just bursts with intricate detail.

The head sculpt on Deadman is filled with detail even though he is pale and bald. His facial structure still manages to give him the look of Deadman, looking far greater than Mattel’s offering from years gone by. This figure actually boasts more detail than that of The Batman. His body has more muscle striations running through it resulting in him looking more muscular and sinew like. The muscular details in his thighs are very impressive; this Deadman must have been doing some serious Deadlifts in the afterlife! The paint applications on this figure are simply great. It is not exactly a complex design but the DC Icons line has done just enough to make sure this figure stands out. His pale head and chest is a strong contrast to his dark red, shadowed costume and this works well. What makes it look even greater is that his gloves and boots are finished in a high gloss red. This brings some life to his costume by, his signature logo is finished in the same matt white as his skin so the suit is remaining consistent and looking great.

Deadman has multiple points of articulation that will help you to recreate all of his signature poses. E The head is able to move side to side with ease and is able to look up and down without any hindrance from his awesome high collar. Deadman is able to pivot at the neck thanks to it being on a ball joint. You get ball jointed shoulders with a great range of motion; there is an upper bicep swivel, double jointed elbows and the wrists are on hinges that can swivel as well. He has a joint at his diaphragm that can swivel, pivot and crunch. He is also able to crunch at the waist and has no waist swivel His hip joints allow him to do the splits as well. He is able to kick forward quite far however his butt kind of prevents him kicking backward as well The upper thigh is able to rotate at the hip; his knees are double jointed and there is no swivel at the cuff of his boot but his ankles are fully articulated and able to pivot.


He really lacks in accessories as he only comes with one set of extra hands, he is Deadman so some eerie smoke effect would have been cool. On the bright side; you do get a translucent plastic that looks like Deadman from the shoulders up. This can be placed on Deadman to make it look as though he is leaving his body or it can be placed on other figures to make it look as though they are being possessed by Deadman.

The packaging is a bears the all new design; it has a large window which shows the figure at its full scale and the accessories that come with it. The back of the box has a panel of art which shows the face of each figure in the series then at the bottom of the packaging you can see each figure in the series from head to toe. Each box has a character specific logo and colour much like the DC Collectibles packaging of the past.


Being a fan of Deadman, I really think this figure does this hero some justice. The sculpt is great and captures the essence of the character whilst making sure that he is fully functional in terms of articulation. From head to toe, this figure looks great and has the paint finishing matching its greatness. I would definitely recommend this figure to any Deadman fan and even the general collectors. A few more accessories would have been great but this is definitely a minor gripe that is not worth getting sour over.

The new DC Icons line is looking impressive and with Series 2 around the corner; things are about to get even more exciting! A huge thanks to Critters and Comics for making sure I got this figure. Visit for this and so much more!


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