Accessories: 8 / 10

Articulation: 10 / 10

Packaging: 9 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 9 / 10

Value: 10 / 10

The new DC Icons line of figures aims to replace the older DC Collectible line of figures. DC Icons has a lot to offer at a brand new scale.

The figures stand around 6 inches. However, they have a far slimmer, detailed look that is filled with articulation. These figures are similar to the infamous Revoltech figures as they have more accessories and are filled with articulation (note they use traditional points of articulation and not Revoltech technology) Each figure bears a resemblance to a superhero from one of their “Iconic” comic appearances and there is no better way to kick off this new line; as DC offers us “Last Rights” Batman in all his glory.


As mentioned earlier, the sculpt on this figure is great. It is a lot slimmer and smaller than what we have become used to with the DC Collectibles line. I was surprised to see just how slender it was. I did look at Youtube videos before purchasing, but to see it in person was still a bit surprising. But this does not take away from the figure at all. I think I might even like this line a little more now as it is offering the buyer something entirely different and this will help to usher my collection into a new phase by offering it a new look.

The Paint applications on this figure are great, even though Batman could have been a little bulkier. This figure makes use of gloss plastics and paints. So it’s a strong contrast to the Collectibles line which was mostly matt finished with gloss paint application here and there. This is the opposite, mostly gloss with matt on his pale yellow belt. An all new look for this all new line. The muscle structure on this Batman is highly detailed and no two figures have the same muscle structure, so there is no Mattel like recycling going on here at all. This is a very traditional Batman costume before the days of paneling the life out of the costume so with this figure the less is more really applies. Instead of focussing on panelling the focus has been placed on creating a muscle structure that not only looks great but functions properly as well. The head sculpt is good, the flesh tone is right; not like the pale-mouthed figures of the past, I like that he has little eyebrows painted on to his cowl; what I do not like is that the gauntlet blades on his arms seem to be on the wrong position but this is a minor gripe honestly.

The “pose-ability” of this figure is simply outstanding. DC Icons ushers in a new level of articulation as these figures boast multiple points of articulation that will help you to recreate all of the iconic signature poses of the character. Th head is able to move side to side with ease; looking up is a bit limited, looking down is great and it is able to pivot at the neck which is great as well. You get ball jointed shoulders with an impressive range of motion despite the cape. There is an upper bicep swivel, double jointed elbows and the wrists are on hinges that can swivel as well. He has a joint at his diaphragm that can swivel, pivot and crunch. He is also able to crunch at the waist and he is able to arch his back in both directions with ease. His hip joints allow him to do a complete split easily. He is able to kick forward quite far however his butt kind of prevents him kicking backward. The upper thigh is able to rotate at the hip; he has double jointed knees a swivel at the cuff of his boot and his ankles are fully articulated. So prepare to strike many poses with this new figure!


In terms of accessories, you get two sets of hands; a hand holding a working grappling hook and two Batarangs. All finished with a high gloss paint so this figure looks great when striking poses even when the accessories are being used in order to do so.

The packaging is a completely new design; it has a large window which shows the figure at its full scale and the accessories that come with it. The back of the box has a panel of art which shows the face of each figure in the series then at the bottom of the packaging you can see each figure in the series from head to toe. Each box has a character specific logo and colour much like the DC Collectibles packaging of the past.

Honestly, this line of figures is impressive as it is fresh and exciting. I am looking forward to what is to come as the previews have showed a wealth of characters in some of their greatest costumes to ever grace the pages of a DC comic. Have a look online for more of what is to come. This Batman is the perfect starting point for this line and DC knows it. Let’s see what they do with Series 2 Superman! Thank you Critters and Comics for getting these figures. For the greatest comic merchandise visit today!


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