DC Collectibles New 52 Orion Figure

The offspring of Darkseid, Orion, finds his way onto store shelves with his all new look, as seen in the pages of Wonder Woman. Equipped with his Astro-Harness, this new god gets a make-over, but does the action figure do the champion of New Genesis justice?

DC Collectibles New 52 Orion Figure

I always thought that Orion looked like an interesting character. His red, blue and silver costume accompanied by his wire like Astro-Harness always made him stand out but he was never the type of character I would go and buy. So how does this purchase fair, seeing that I have decided to cross the line? Let’s start by having a look at the figure a little more closely.

The DC Collectibles New 52: Orion Figure has an awesome helmet, which although not removable it has a visor which can be raised in order to reveal the face of Orion and it is a very angry looking face. The Helmet has a great metallic silver paint to it accompanied by an awesome logo debossed on the forehead. The gold paint decal on the trims of the visor and helmet is a great added touch too. The black outlines on the figure give the figure some great detail, complementing the great amount of detail put into his face sculpt. His torso has a great sculpt; his red jacket has a nice texture to it which works well. It makes his jacket look like it is leather and makes the bright red bearable. The black high collar and round shoulder pads make for a great finishing touch as well. The shoulder pads are a more glossy red and once again the jacket has some great paneling. The jacket ends with a nice gloss black wrist cuff that matches the gloss collar, from there on he has a nice pair of red gloves that make use of debossed straps that are painted in a gloss black. This pants also looks like a matt black type of leather, they are skin tight with a few creases at the groin area and behind the knees. There are no accents on the pants and they lead into detailed gloss painted black boots. The boots have some great panels and work well with the overall look.

DC Collectibles New 52 Orion Figure

The articulation on this figure is rather average, definitely not the best in this line but it still gets the job done. He has a ball joint head that is able to look down quite well and it also moves from left to right with ease. His shoulders are ball joints so they have good back and for the movement, however moving the arm up is a bit limited as the shoulder pads restrict the range of motion in that regard. He has a bicep swivel at the top of his bicep. He has single hinged elbows and some old school swivels at the wrist. The wrist swivels are only able to rotate, they cannot move up and down. There is no articulation in his mid-section so say goodbye to the ab crunch but as a consolation prize his waist can swivel left to right. He has a T-crotch so he is unable to move his legs to the side, all he can do is kick his foot back and forward really. The figure has swivels at the top of each thigh, single jointed knees and some swivel articulation at the ankles. So it is not a figure that is bursting and boasting articulation but it looks great and the Astro Harness makes it look even greater!

When it comes to accessories DC Collectibles knew that the Astro-Harness is a crucial must have for this figure. Who is Orion without his harness right? The Harness looks great, it is made from a light plastic and clips to the figures feet curtesy of the old peg hole system. The harness consists of mostly yello and silver paint applications and creates a great contrast once the figure is placed into the harness. The Astro-Harness is highly detailed featuring some good sculpting, with a great paint finish. The tiny core on the front of the harness has been painted with intricacy and as a result it has added much flair to the finish. The Harness has a bit of articulation however getting Orion into the harness is easier said than done. This is largely because the hands fitting to the handles of the harness are not exactly easy, had his hands been made of a more rubber like plastic this could have been prevented with ease. The one handle breaks the asymmetrical look of the figure as it has a short of moveable cannon mounted to it. Thanks to the limited articulation of the figure and the structure of the accessory, Orion can only really stand upright in the Astro Harness.


The packaging is standard to this line of action figures. However, it boasts the New Gods logo and it looks great. There is a silhouette styled picture of Orion on the side of the box allowing for library style storage. You are also able to see the figure and but not really its main accessory from the front of the front of the sealed box making it a tempting figure for collectors to keep in mint condition. Being a hero box, the packaging has also been done in white with Orion’s Signature Red as the other colour of choice. The back of the packaging offers a brief bio of the Orion, telling the owner exactly which comic Orion can be found in.

This Orion is a great looking figure that comes with a vital accessory whilst giving a great modern look to Orion. Jonathan Matthews has captured Cliff Chiang’s art perfectly with this sculpt; giving us an Orion figure that is one well worth the purchase! A big thanks has to go to Critters and Comics for securing this awesome figure to be reviewed. Visit www.crittersandcomics.co.za for the other figures in this series and much more!


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