Bruce Wayne gets a new look (as seen in the pages of the Earth 2 comic). The minute this figure was previewed I made the decision to own it, but was that a good decision? Is there ever a Batman not worth purchasing? These questions and more will be answered in this action figure review.

DC Comics The New 52: Earth 2 ~ Batman

This sculpt is definitely the firm favourite among the DC Collectibles Earth 2 designs. Many will know I am not a huge fan of that Superman sculpt, nor the Wonder Woman, so what makes the Batman stand out of the Trinity? The sculpt is just leaps and bounds ahead of the trio and a load of figures in this New 52 line. Starting on the head, you will notice that the sculpt has some great detail, the cowl has the signature indentations at the temples of the forehead, it has a great Matte looking paint which complements the Matte pain used on the exposed area of the mouth and lips. This exposed area has a paler shade of paint which creates a great contrast on the head sculpt. He has a nice expression on his face, neutral looking so it works with any pose. The neck has a nice high gloss black paint finish that runs into an impressive torso sculpt. The Torso has a great armoured look with a knight like high collar and spikes on the shoulders. The armour is done in a gun metal silver, the Bat symbol falls in as part of the gun metal design and it looks great… and powerful! From there the rest of the torso switches back to a Matte black.


The back of the figure also looks great with the armour and high collar receiving some nice detail, but it has to be the cape that is the most impressive item in this area. The way the cape attaches to the figure looks great, instead of the over the shoulder look, the cap begins under the armour that covers the scapula. The cape is nice and flexible and does note seem to wear when being moved, no signs of cracking with movement either. The arms start with a great shoulder pad Then the bicep area starts with grey but the gauntlets have a very high cuff; one that continues above the elbow. The gauntlets look great, they are done in a gun metal paint and are riddled with details and armour plating. The gloves look great and are also finished in a matte black. One hand is more closed than the other but both are able to hold the accessories with ease. This Batman has a great yellow belt that has holsters attached to it; these holsters run down along the thigh and hold the accessories that the figure comes with. The yellow paint is matte with a dry brush dirty look to it. So the yellow is not bright, instead it looks rougher and rugged as if to say this Batman has seen his fair share of battles. The trousers continue to follow the colour scheme; I say trousers as they seem baggier than the tights were are used to seeing Batman in. The trousers are grey on the outside and black on the inside of the thigh. This allows the colour scheme to work quite well. The pants have some great details; you can see the creases and folds in it! Much like the gauntlets, the boots cuff quite high above the knee. The knee pad design is great and leads into a pair of smooth matte black boots, the actual boots look like combat boots as they sport some great treading detail.

DC Collectibles The New 52 Earth 2 Batman

This figure is not as articulated as one would hope, especially since DC Collectibles has turned the articulation up on some of the more recent figures. The head is on a ball joint, it moves side to side with ease. It can also look up with ease but can barely look down. It has no ability to pivot/tilt at al either. The shoulders move back and forth with ease, however the arms can hardly raise up due to the spikes on the shoulder that hinder the range of movement. You have swivels at the upper biceps, single jointed elbows and swivels near the cuff of the glove. So there is no wrist, waist or abdominal articulation on this one. He has a T-crotch so the legs can only move forward and back and not out to the side at all. A lower thigh swivel below the second strap of the pouch, a single jointed knee, the cuff of the boot has a swivel as well and then you have hinged ankles that only move up and down as well. So he has some good articulation but it is far from being great articulation.

As far as Accessories go this guy is not dishing out as much in this department. He comes with his signature night-sticks with fit into the pouches on the thighs. These sticks allow him to dish out some nice poses and some serious beat downs as well. They look rather thin though; a thicker and more detailed set of batons would surely have been more intimidating.

DC Collectibles New 52 Earth 2 Batman Figure Review

The packaging is standard to this line of figures once again; you have the picture on the side of the box allowing for library style storage. You are also able to see the figure and accessories from the front of the front of the sealed box which is great if you have no intention of opening it. There is a nice silhouette picture of Earth 2 Batman on the packaging as well. You also get a brief character biography and a chance to look at the other 3 figure in the set.

I love the look of this figure. Despite the lack of amazing accessories and the limited articulation, this Batman is still a must have as the suit is just sculpted so well. The design makes Batman look like the modern day knight that he is. A figure that looks this great could and should not be passed up so get yours today! Visit www.crittersandcomics.co.za for this figure and the rest of the Earth 2 line. A big thanks to them for securing this awesome figure for this review and my collection!

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