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Finally the wait is over, John Constantine has arrived; perfectly timed to coincide with the TV show. But this is Justice League Dark’s Constantine as he gets a look straight from the pages of the New 52 comic series.

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Let me be honest, the sculpt put me off of buying this figure at first, Sure he has his signature look; he has his trench coat, his off centre untidy tie and his dirty looking pants. However, the headsculpt really fails to grab the grit and essence of John Constantine. This Constantine looks more like a sleep deprived version of Germany’s Marco Reus. His facial features are too sharp and far too clean to be Constantine. His hair also looks Super Saiyan yellow instead of that brownish blonde hair that the Liverpudlian has been known to have, the sculpt also has some rather anime looking oversized blue eyes; so a customising job may be required here in order to leave you 100% satisfied with your purchase. He also has no shaded beard, he is a smooth looking baby face; missing out on the rugged nature of the comic book character. The flesh tone used on the head sculpt is good; however the paint on the eyes and the hair is definitely a let-down. Looking beyond the head sculpt one will see that more effort has been placed in his garments. He has a great looking trench coat. The trench coat is made of a soft plastic so it can look and feel as though the coat is wind swept. The coat has some decent panelling and added details such as buttons, button holes, metallic buckles, straps and stitching lines. His one sleeve is rolled up until the elbow; revealing his watch and forearm. His rolled up sleeve also has some nice ruffled detail. His shirt and tie look dirty and untidy, in true Constantine fashion. The black rubber used on the tie is flexible so you can bend and move the tie without having to worry. It is a soft rubber so it will not snap at all. His pants are a washed out grey which blends into his dry brushed and scuffed black shoes. Although his bottom half looks extremely plain, it does look as though this clothing belongs to John Constantine. His hands look as though they have been sculpted in order to hold a cigarette but alas this figure comes with no accessories at all. So I guess this figure is casting cigarette summoning spells.

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The articulation on this guy is exactly what you have come to expect from this line however it has its limitations. He has a ball joint head that can move left to right, up and down; with relative ease. The figure has ball joint shoulders so it can rotate easily and move out relatively wide. He has no bicep swivel, a single joint elbow, a swivel at the elbow and no wrist articulation at all. Not even a regular swivel is present here. There is no ab crunch, no waist swivel; in fact there is no torso articulation at all! He has ball jointed hips which connect to what looks like a T-crotch. His legs can move back and forward quite well but he only has single joint knees as well. His knees are able to swivel as well; however his ankles have no articulation at all. So in terms of articulation, this is definitely not one of DC Collectibles strongest offerings. For a character that uses sorcery, some articulation would have been great; instead Constantine is left limited to a handful of poses.

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Another downer is that fact that this figure comes with no accessories; not even a cigarette for his hands; which look as though they were designed to hold cigarettes. No energy projectiles thanks to spells being cast, not even a little flame or Dr Fate Helmet. So many opportunities are lost thanks to this unnecessary lack of accessories.

The packaging is standard to what you would expect of this line of action figures, you have the Constantine silhouette in a purple panel on the side of the box allowing for library style storage. You are also able to see the figure with ease thanks to the window style packaging. The Justice League Dark logo is at the top as well as in the back of the packaging window. You get a very brief bio on the back, as well as a chance to see the other figures in the series which include: Savage Hawkman, Star Girl and Zatanna.

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Overall this figure is okay, it is definitely the best Constantine I have seen thus far but, at the same time, it does not feel 100% Constantine certified. One might think of waiting on the TV show to get their own action figure line; however that may never happen as there is a chance that Constantine will not see a second season. So this figure will have to do for now, until a better version is released by DC Comics. Thanks to Critters and Comics for making this review possible, visit there store for the best prices on action figures and all other comic related merchandise. So visit www.crittersandcomics.co.za today.

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  1. Carla

    Constantine might not see a second season? So it isn’t all that great? I’ve been curious about it. But defs don’t want to watch so ething that will get cancelled

  2. Well the latest comment according to the production team on the series was that the best thing people can do is just keep watching the show. If the ratings are high enough it might see a second season, I have been watching it religiously and only an episode or two has really impressed me so far

  3. Bean Bastard

    Is a shame, this figure don’t have ANY accessory, not a single cigarette, a lighter, or a energy for his hands. The Dr Fate Helmet was a good idea.

  4. The main thing that put me off was the face sculpt. Also, now knowing the limits on the articulation – seriously? no wrist or ankle joints? – makes the price point excessive even with the current prices we have to cough up with our lousy exchange rate. Still, I’m a HUGE Constantine/Hellblazer fan so when I found one going second-hand for a hundred bucks I grabbed him. In hand, the face isn’t as… troublesome… as I originally fealt. I’m going to have to muddy his hair a little and add some stubble, plus a ciggy. With some work, he should be a close enough representation of the overall character. And even as-is, I much prefer this one to the DC Classics version.

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