Standing at around 7 inches tall, we have Arsenal, aka The Red Arrow, the original one, in his New 52 revised look. Arsenal has always been an interesting character, when I originally saw his new look I was not too sold on his trucker cap and tattoos, but it grew on me – enough to make this purchase. Let’s see if this figure was a worthwhile purchase indeed.


The sculpt is well detailed and very comic accurate, including a non-removable cap as well. The cap does have a great feature despite it being non-removable, but more on that later. The cap looks comic accurate, it has some nice detailing and etching, making use of some dry brush techniques in order to give it that worn rugged look. The cap also has a decal on the front, so even though his trucker cap may look corny, it is indeed comic book accurate. He has some great detail in his hair and sideburns, the hair is sculpted accurately, and featuring lots of line work to resemble the strands of hair. The domino mask on his face looks great and his facial skin tone seems to look consistent enough. There are areas where it goes lighter but this is not really noticeable. His arrow holster starts at the shoulders; it is painted in a darker shade of red , more maroon like, with some black paint used in a dry brush technique.

The rest of his of his quiver is done with a matte flat red that has the gloss golden panel that forms part of the Arsenal Logo. The bottom of the quiver switches back to that maroon colour again. Both of his arms are fully exposed as Arsenal also makes use of sleeveless body armour. His arms have different tones to the skin colour with some areas being quite darker than others, but once again this is a minor issue that is hardly noticed thanks to the tattoos present on each arm. The tattoos look great and the colour used makes them really noticeable and attention grabbing. His gloves and gauntlets look great as well with most of the gauntlet being a metallic red and the underside and glove being more maroon in colour. The torso sculpt is pulled off well he has a nice high collar that has a glossy metallic gold that runs along the edge of the design and on to the quiver, below the neck we see more of the maroon colour, this colour reappears in his abdominal region and runs to his belt. This creates a flat red looking chest plate which is lined by metallic gold decals. The quiver straps are also sculpted on his ribs, giving the torso lots of nice detail. The figure has a great looking tactical belt; it also sticks to the colour scheme and makes use of his metallic gold logo once more. The pants are a plain flat red for the most part with the exception that he has another quiver running from his hip down to his thigh; this is however only on one leg. The quiver is sleek, highly detailed and painted perfectly. He has metallic red boot armour that runs from the knee, covering the shins, calves and ankles; however his boots switch to the maroon in order to match the straps or the leg armour. His armour is well detailed and sculpted; making use of some great panelling where necessary.


Moving on to articulation, here is the cool part about his hat, it swivels! So you can have the peak of the cap turned to the back giving him a whole new look from the comics. The head moves well from side to side but thanks to the hair it has very little up and down movement. The joints in the shoulder allow for good rotation, he has a swivel at the upper bicep. He has single hinged elbows, a swivel at the glove cuff but no wrist articulation at all sadly. There is no ab crunch either on this figure, just when you were hoping DC Collectibles were making that point of articulation more popular; no swivel at the waist either. The legs are joined to the hips courteous of a ball joint; this allows the legs to move forward and backward quite well but outward extension is rather limited. He has no thigh articulation at all, a single jointed knee, a swivel at the cuff of his boot and lastly a hinge joint for his ankles. So this figure is not exactly the most articulate and thanks to the lack of articulation in some parts; he will be unable to strike some of those iconic poses.

In terms of accessories you are given a nicely sculpted bow; which incorporates the maroon and metallic red paints. You are also give one trick arrow which has a more flat red paint to it and a silver tipped trick arrow. The Bow can be drawn thanks to elasticated string making for realistic poses; however another two arrows would not have hurt.

DC Comics Red Hood and the Outlaws New 52 Action Figures - Jason Todd, Arsenal & Starfire

The packaging is standard to what you would expect of this line of action figures, you have the Arsenal silhouette on the side of the box allowing for library style storage. You are also able to see the figure and accessories from the front of the front of the sealed box making it a great figure for collectors that prefer to keep their figures in mint condition. Being an Outlaw the packaging has the Red Hood and the Outlaws logo at the top as well as in the back of the packaging window. You get a brief bio on the back, as well as a chance to see the other figures in the series.

This is a great figure, definitely a favourite in the line; had the figure come with better articulation and a few more trick arrows this would have been great value for money. You would think after releasing the green arrow with minimal accessories DC Collectibles would offer a bit more…I guess not. Despite the cap looking kind of goofy, it serves its purpose well and the swivel cap is definitely a unique and likeable feature. All in all it is a great looking figure with an accurate sculpt and well thought out colour scheme.
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