Accessories: 7 / 10

Articulation: 9 / 10

Packaging: 8 / 10

Sculpting: 8 / 10

Paint: 7 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

If you like Call of Duty, but hate all the sitting on the couch laziness, you will have a blast (get it) with Mattel’s BOOMco Blasters. They come in a wide variety to suit every trigger happy chappy’s needs.

We tested out the Duel Defenders. In the packaging (which you basically have to be The Hulk to open) came two BOOMco Farshots, pistols with single-shot front-loaders. Painted with extremely bright colours, to remind you that these are very different to real guns (mom!), they also have removable transforming shields – so you can capture your opponent’s darts and use them against them.


What’s so great about it?

  • Removable, transforming blaster shields
  • Smart stick targets
  • Shoots up to 70ft (21.3 meters)
  • Sticker targets that you can place anywhere

Whether you are 15 or 30 years old, these blasters are incredibly fun to play with. It’s very easy to use, but also very easy to get carried away with. Don’t forget to check out the safety tips on the site. Although shooting your friend in the face (or other places) sounds hilarious, the outcome usually isn’t (at least not for your friend). One thing I noticed is that after a brief firing frenzy, it takes a skilled detective to find the darts again. Luckily, the blasters come with plenty ammo, but be prepared to lose quite a few to the vacuum cleaner. However, the blasters also use Smart Stick, adhesive technology that enables darts to only bond to Smart Stick surfaces.


The bottom line – They are crazy fun, perhaps more fun than a grown man should have with a plastic gun – but hey, there it is. Will I ever find those lost darts? Probably not, but it’s ok. It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have blah, blah… I’ll probably just buy more darts later at the store.

Check out the website for interactive activities for you and your friends to be a part of, download the BOOMco app to record and upload videos of you and your friends performing challenges set out on the BOOMco website. They really have thought of it all. Make sure you explore the website at

You can grab one (plus extra darts) at your local toy store for around R400. Or buy them online at

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