DC Comics BlueLine Edition – Jim Lee action figure

Accessories: 4 / 10

Articulation: 5 / 10

Packaging: 10 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 10 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

I have many Batman action figures that I have collected over the years, from the animated series originals made by Kenner to all of the different lines that DC collectibles are throwing our way today, but every now and again something unique appears on the market and it becomes a must have. This BlueLine Batman by Jim Lee SDCC 2015 exclusive figure is a must have. It presents The Batman in a brand new way!

batman action figure

This figure comes in some rather unique packaging. It looks almost cylindrical but if you view it from the top, you will actually notice that the packaging has taken the shape of the DC logo. The curved front has a great black and white pencilled picture of Batman on it, as presented by Jim Lee obviously. The back has a body sketch of Batman and it has been printed so that it looks like it is a sketch that has been signed by Jim Lee. The actually signed versions were limited to 150 units and you could only get them at San Diego Comic Con 2015. The Box swivels open in the middle and reveals packaging with two acetate windows in it. On the one side, you have a sketch of Batman’s head also made to look official (but this is a mass produced version of the official sketches). The sketch has some great detail and is still one worth owning. Then on the other side, you have the figure and it presents Batman in a way that you have not seen him before. Both windows are easy to open as the panels pop out so you do not have to risk damaging the amazing packaging in order to get the goods. If only more action figure lines put this much thought into the way they package their collectibles.

The sculpt is pretty much the same as the DC Collectible New 52 figure that started it all. However, it is the paint applications of this sculpt that makes it truly unique. The base mould of the figure has been created from a strong clean white plastic to make the figure look as though it has jumped off of a freshly sketched page. The pencilling has been brought to life through the use of black and grey paint applications that make sure this figure has no symmetry at all. The logo is about the only symmetrical paint application on this figure as the other applications make sure that this figure bears the resemblance of a 3D sketch.


The cape is quite nice as the inside has black shading. However, the outside of the cape is done in a plain white which looks rather classy. If you lift the cape, you will notice that the back of the figure, from neck to heel, has no paint application or shading at all. This is not cool, but not a major gripe as it is a display piece that will either remain in the packaging or at the very least remain with its cape down whilst standing at your desk or in your display cabinet.

The articulation is rather limited. It is basically a new version of the original New 52 Batman figure released years back. The head can move left, right, up and down. The shoulders are on ball joints which allow for a good range of motion. You have a swivel at the upper bicep; a single jointed elbow and no articulation at the wrists. The torso has no ab-crunch or waist swive. It has a t-crotch so the legs can only kick forward and has very little kick going backward. There is no thigh swivel; you have a single jointed knee and no ankle articulation at all. Yes, this is definitely a show piece, one you might as well leave in the packaging. Besides the sketch extra, there are no other accessories with this figure.

The BlueLine Batman by Jim Lee action figure is definitely one that fans of the franchise should own. It is unique from head to toe. I would say it is definitely worth every penny spent, as you will not get something like this ever again. A huge thanks has to go to Critters and Comics as they were able to secure this figure for me. For this and more Comic-Con exclusives visit www.crittersandcomics.co.za today!

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