With the large amount of figures released at the end of 2014 and still to come in 2016, it is only right that we start out with something out of the ordinary. This will be our First DC Collectible New 52 Deluxe Figure Review and it is only right that it features The Dark Knight.

Greg Capullo Batman figure

This Thrasher suit Batman stands tall; a 9.5 inches he is taller than both the Deluxe Lex Luthor and Marvel Selects Juggernaught. So this is definitely one intimidating looking figure, especially when he is standing next to the criminals of Gotham. The sculpt is impeccable, the metal plates look realistic as they contain the dings, rivets and panelling that one would expect to find on a heavy armoured machine. There is no slim, sleek little suit. The Thrasher suit is a hulking machine made by solid pieces of metal and intricate wiring and this figure captures exactly that. Everything on this suit screams domination, from its huge back to its enormous fists and arms this suit looks like the Kai Greene of Batman costumes. Another nice thing about this figure is that most of the points of articulation are actually hidden thanks to the plates of armour. This adds to the realism of the figure; DC Collectibles planned this one out well.

The figure has Bruce Wayne’s head attached to this Hulkbuster like armour. The sculpt on this Bruce Wayne is comic accurate I guess, you see Bruce looks a bit pale and worn out; which he was during the Court of Owls saga. So this figure looks a bit pale, with rings under his enlarged eyes. His ears seem a bit big as well. His large tired eyes and his oversized ears make this face sulpt seem a bit more anime like. But this would not stop me from purchasing the figure as the only accessory it comes with is the helmet that accompanies this great suit.


The Torso has a great batman logo that looks a little battle damaged it is debossed quite well with two large rivets sculpted into it as if the rivets are attaching it to the chest plate. The abdominal section of this has a load of detail as well. As it consists of panels running all the way from under the suits chest to its groin, the waist also has a utility belt which is painted with a more matt yellow. The rest of the figure is mostly metallic; so the utility belt creates a great contrast. The spinal column of this figure also has some great detail thanks to its armour and painting. Much like the abdominals, the spine is finished in a lighter shade of silver; bringing out the detail that this figure has to offer. The arms on this suit also bear some impressive detail. The panelling on the gauntlets looks well done. The armour on the forearm finishes with two sharp points that look like bat ears, these extend further than the fist when it is closed, emphasising how damaging a blow from this suit could be, the hands are also sculpted beautifully, but more on this in the articulation section. The ball joints at the thigh are hidden thanks to the sculpting of cables that run from the hip to the thigh. This figure hard large thigh plates with great panelling and they lead to perfectly sculpted combat boots. These oversized boots keep the bat looking knee pads and create great heavy duty boots that look as though they are ready to crush any opponent under its feet. The amount of detail in this figure is enhanced by the excellent paint job that DC collectibles has managed to pull off with this one. The texture looks as though it were truly sculpted out of metal. The only gripes I have about the paint job is that the utility belt is missing its red lights and Bruce could have been less pale. I know they are trying to get the fact that he is mentally tortured and fatigued across, but Bruce looks like Christian Bale…in The Machinist.


Now usually one would think a big chunky figure means less articulation right? Wrong. This figure has impressive articulation from top to toe. With the helmet on, the head can move from left to right. Without the helmet on you have a Bruce Wayne head on a ball joint, this headsculpt has great range of motion moving left, right, up and down with ease. The shoulders are on oversized ball joints, making the figure feel less brittle whilst giving them a great range of motion. The shoulders can do a complete 360 with ease and they can lateral raise all the way up, so the chunky armour has not limited any articulation here. It has a single hinge elbow which can also swivel. The wrists are articulated but thanks to the design of the gauntlets and gloves, the movement is rather limited. Now for the best part, this figure does not need extra hands as these hands are fully articulated. Each finger has three points of articulation allowing for some great poses. There is a ball joint under its chest so the diaphragm has some great movement; it also has a waist swivel. The legs are joined with two oversized ball joints. These allowed the legs to move forward quite far, but they are not able to kick backwards as far. There is a swivel at the upper thigh followed by a single hinged knee that can also swivel from side to side. The ankles are also articulated but they are rather limited. Overall this is some rather impressive articulation for a figure of this stature.

There is only one accessory and it is the Thrasher Suit Helmet which protects Bruce, it has some great detail with some nice riveting and a nice metal grill for a mouth, the visor is painted in a metallic red but it would have been great if both the visor and bel could light up somehow. The helmet fits on top of Bruce’s head with ease but feels a bit clumsy when it comes to articulation. A Display base could have worked wonders for this figure but it is well worth the price nevertheless.

This figure comes in an oversized version of the Greg Capullo series packaging. It has a nice big window which reveals the entire figure should you want to display it in the box. On the one side you have some Thrasher Suits pencil art brought to you by Greg Capullo, so you could store this in a library fashion. Then the back contains no biography, instead it shows you what other figures are in this series of Greg Capullo action figures.

This is a figure all Batman fans should have, it emphasises that Batman is simply a force to be reckoned with and that there is not challenge too big for him especially if he is equipped with his Thrasher Suit. This figure is bang for your buck especially if you are buying it from Critters and Comics as you can get this figure way cheaper than the usual Deluxe rate and if you do not buy it now you will have to buy it on the secondary market and this will not go cheap over there! So thanks to Critters and Comics for this amazing figure and make sure you get yours today! Visit www.crittersandcomics.co.za for this and more awesome figures!


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