Accessories: 10 / 10

Articulation: 8 / 10

Packaging: 7 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 10 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

We have seen a vast amount of Joker figures being produced of late, as this character seems to get more popular each year. However, DC Collectibles has finally brought The Joker that most of us grew up with, to a shelf near you. This is the Batman Animated Series Joker from the first season and this action figure captures the essence of this character.


This figure is based on The Joker from “The Last Laugh” episode. The head is sculpted well and the paint applications follow suit. He has his signature sculpted smile with his large yellow teeth as seen in the first season of Batman the Animated Series. He also has his sharp, mischievous yellow eyes. The dark red gums really enhance his evil smile as well as they are a strong contrast to both his teeth and flesh tone. His hair looks great and they have styled a nice green flick into it which brings his hair to life. All of these colours work together in order to create a great contrast to The Jokers pale flesh. The rest of his sculpt is true to the animated appearance as well; he has the signature DC broad shoulder look with is somewhat amplified by his purple suit. Yes, he is in his signature purple suit, wearing his yellow shirt and blue neck-tie, along with his acid squirting flower on the suit collar. His purple is definitely striking and true to his representation. He has white gloves and his traditional white top shoes that show it is indeed business time in Gotham.

This figure comes with a range of accessories all based on, “The Last Laugh” episode. Joker comes with his signature hair comb, a telescope, a pearl necklace, a dangerous looking knife, a rather unique looking oxygen mask, a few extra hands and, last but not least, a display stand which does a great job of holding the figure – allowing The Joker to be displayed with the greatest of ease.

joker figure

In terms of articulation, his head is on a ball joint so he can look left and right and up and down easily. He is also able to pivot his head for a creepy side grin. His shoulders are on ball joints and his suit does not hinder their movement at all. This works surprisingly well! This figure also has a swivel at the elbows and a single jointed elbow. His wrists also swivel and they can also move on hinges as well. There is no ab crunch present. Instead, you are left with a waist swivel. This figure has the new hinged hip system. So he has a great range of motion when it comes to his legs. He is able to do the splits and some great front kicks and kickbacks are great looking as well. The tails of his suit are made from a soft rubber so his legs are not limited due to his costume design. He has a single joint at each knee and minimal articulation at the ankles.

This Joker figure comes with a similar styled packaging to the rest in the line. However, because this is based off the first Batman Animated series, you will notice that the packaging is red and bears the original logo. The side of the packaging gives us the character name as well as the name of who it was sculpted by. Then the back of the packaging just has another Batman Animated series logo finished with white and it does not show the other figures in the wave. It does a great job of showing what the figure comes with as the packaging does not hinder you from seeing the accessories.

This is a great figure. Although the articulation could have been better in order to give him the most out of his accessories, it still gets the job done and brings this iconic version of The Joker to life. I would definitely recommend this figure to any collector as it is just that good. A huge thanks to Critters and Comics once again. Contact them today for this and many more amazing items. Visit to find out more.


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