arkham knight

Accessories: 5 / 10

Articulation: 8 / 10

Packaging: 8 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 10 / 10

Value: 9 / 10

The Arkham Knight, a tactical, special ops looking version of Batman, is simply a must have.

This sculpt is simply flawless. This figure looks just like its video game counterpart. The head is a helmet, it bears similarities to Batman due to the ears but the smooth face is definitely a reference to the helmet worn by Jason Todd, The Red Hood. His mask looks almost robotic, very similar to Ninja from the Metal Gear series. It just looks both practical and functional whilst boasting some great detail.

arkham knight

The torso also looks great. It has some great looking padding and plate work on his chest and this leads into a great looking high collar. His shoulder pads are made out of a soft rubber; this makes sure that the articulation at the shoulder is not hindered in any way. The rest of his torso has some nicely detail buckles and straps. It also has some great looking red camouflage that runs just below the logo on his chest. He has some great detail on the back. The detail almost looks like he has a bat logo draped across his shoulders and this piece is highly detailed and features some great panelling and paint. His arms are riddled with detail and they end in two rather impressive looking gauntlets. These gauntlets are sculpted to perfection and it highlights the difference between Batman and the Arkham Knight. He has some cool pouches attached to his waist and he also has some flash bangs on his hip. His trousers also look great as the camouflage pattern continues to run down from his waist to the cuff of his boot. Each boot looks great and has some nice detail that will definitely impress any buyer.


In terms of articulation, he has a ball joint head that moves quite well from side to side. The collar makes it very difficult for this figure to look down. He has ball joints at the shoulders and thanks to the soft rubber of his shoulder pads; the shoulders are able to move quite well. He has a single jointed elbow with a swivel. Then his wrist is able to swivel and perform hinge movements. He has a ball joint in the torso allowing for some nice poses. Then his also has an ab crunch which is visible from his back; the ab crunch is a rather impressive addition. He has ball joints at the hip. This allows for some decent kicks forward however kicking back is somewhat limited. He can also roundhouse to the right with ease however his left leg is somewhat hindered thanks to the grenades on his hip. He has an upper thigh swivel, some double jointed knees and ankle rockers at the foot that allow for many great poses.

The accessories are a bit of a let-down. You only get an accessory which happens to be his signature weapon from the game. The gun has some great detail and is sculpted to perfection. The paint job is pulled off with precision and the added bat logo just gives it a little bit of flare. He holds the weapon quite well and this allows for some decent action poses but I definitely would have liked a few more extras…alternate hands would not have hurt…

This figure comes in unique packaging that features a great window. So you can appreciate the product without open it as well. The packaging bears the new game’s logo on the front, it has a 3D schematic of the Arkham Knight on the side; as well as images of the other products in the series, on the back.

This is a truly great looking figure. It is very impressive despite its lack of accessories. But at least you will be getting one of the most detailed figures that DC Collectibles has ever released. From the etching on the trousers to the panelling on the helmet, this figure is a work of art that does the on-screen character some justice!

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150623190455

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