Accessories: 10 / 10

Articulation: 9 / 10

Packaging: 8 / 10

Sculpting: 10 / 10

Paint: 10 / 10

Value: 9 / 10

This is the Batman that started it all for many of us. We had the TV series airing on SABC and then we had these figures on our store shelves. This television show found a place in the hearts of many Batfans around the world and, thanks to DC Collectibles, our old school Batman has been given a revamp.

Batman The Animated Series Wave 4 6” Action Figure by DC Collectibles - Gray and Black Suit Batman, Batgirl, The Riddler & The Penguin

The sculpt and colouring is great. I prefer it to the Batman figure that was release in the first series of this action figure line. The head sculpt looks slightly different to the facial structure and jawline of the Batman of the original series. However, it still looks great. It almost looks correct but there is just a slight tweak that prevents it from looking 100% accurate.

The figure has the cape with the blue inner cape and the black outer cape. The chest is less broad than the New Adventures of Batman and Robin figure but it does have the correct sculpt and it has the yellow and black “Classic” logo. His got the blades on his gauntlets and they are pulled off properly and done with the shape that most of us prefer. The New Adventures Batman had the sharp spikes at the elbow which did not look as great. His yellow belt looks good, thanks to a combination of the colour and the fact that it continues the colour scheme. Being a figure from back in the day, the less is more concept really applies here. This figure looks great without all the panelling and padding incorporated into the contemporary designs of our comic heroes.


It has some really great articulation. His head has some good range of movement. He can look up, down and side to side with ease and he also has some pivot thanks to the neck joint. The cape does not limit the range of motion on this figure. The shoulders are on ball and hinge joints so you have a great range of motion thanks to arms which can fully extend and swivel with ease. The elbows have a single joint that is able to swivel as well. The wrists can swivel and they can also move up and down thanks to the hinge at the wrists. It only has a swivel at the waist, then the hips and upper thigh are connected using a special joint system that uses both pegs and swivels. So Batman can do a full split and kick quite high, but much like the previous Batman figure in this series there is no thigh swivel. He has single jointed knees and ankles that pivot, giving his tiny feet some great range of movement.

Much like the other figures in this series the packaging is rather plain. It tries to keep your focus on the figure in your hands and the crazy amount of accessories it comes with. It is a normal Blister card box with a silhouette of the series logo done in red, as per the original series. There are no other figures on the back, nor are there any character biographies on the packaging.


The accessories are what make this figure really stand out and reap the full benefits of its multiple points of articulation. This figure comes with 9 hands, a classic looking batarang; a grappling gun and a detachable grappling hook. The grappling gun is done in a light grey so although it is being recycled it looks a little different. The different hands are great as they allow you to re-create a large amount of Batman’s classic poses. The figure also comes with a rather impressive display stand; it has a base which has the TV series logo and character design printed to the top of it.

This is definitely better than the first Batman released in this DC Collectibles Animated Figure series. This figure surpasses its predecessor. This is definitely one that will awaken the feeling of nostalgia in any Batman fan. If you are a fan of the Bat in any way or form, this is the figure for you!

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