Accessories: 10 / 10

Articulation: 7.5 / 10

Packaging: 7 / 10

Sculpting: 9.5 / 10

Paint: 9 / 10

Value: 8.5 / 10


This is the Harvey Dent that I longed for. Sure, we have seen some great looking Two-Face figures in recent years, and we have also seen some failures in years gone by – Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face Figure (not so proud owner) – but this is the Harvey that I remember growing up. The psychotic District Attorney that could not escape his dark side, and it shows thanks to this awesome action figure.

The sculpt is spot on. Harvey’s face shows a blank, but aggressive look as you stare at his “Harv” side. This is mostly due to his disfigurement as you feel his blank gaze; his evil eye and crooked lips make him look aggressive in general. The rest of the sculpt is well done and true to the proportions used in the animated series. His disfigured skin is the perfect colour and looks as though this figure has jumped right out of the original animated series. The division in his suit is straight down the middle and has been painted accurately to keep it that way; the paint switch up on his shirt and tie is accurate and well presented as well.

This action figure line impresses me once again me with the amount of accessories it has to offer. I thought you would perhaps get the coin, but this is bang for your buck. Two-Face comes with a few extra hands for both sides of his body: these include trigger fingers and palms containing the coin. This figure also comes with a pair of weapons which highlight his split personality: a black handgun for Harvey’s hand and a greyish Tommy gun for Big Bad Harv. Also included is a nicely detailed gas mask and a chemical bag as well. The mask clips on to his with ease so you do not run the risk of damaging the paint on his face. Then the tiny little chemical bag can actual open thanks to an impressive hinge system. Once opened you can place the two chemical canisters into the bag. You also get his classic pocket watch with the two-face dial; this really is an impressive figure! Then last but not least, you get an impressive display stand with this one as well; the base has the TV series logo and character design printed to the top of it. Then you get a stand which clips to his torso allowing him to retain multiple poses.


One would think his articulation would fail thanks to the design of this figure; it’s not the greatest, but it gets the job done. The head moves side to side, unfortunately there is basically no up and down movement to boast about. Much like the Batman figure, the ball joints on his shoulders allow them to move but not far. He as a rather limited single jointed elbow but it has a swivel, his wrist also swivels and they move up and down thanks to the hinges that they have. He has a waist swivel and then the hips and upper thigh are connected using a special joint system that uses both pegs and swivels just like the Batman figure in the series. Also, no thigh swivel, only a single hinged knee and then his feet can only swivel due to the sculpt of his shoe.

The packaging is identical to the Batman in this, which means its plain design tries to keep your focus on the figure. The overall design is a normal blister cardboard box with a silhouette of the series logo which is Batman, Robin and Nightwing. Some Two Face character stills would have been great instead of a bunch of heroes on a villains packaging.

I really like this figure as it brings this character to life and Harvey’s suit just looks so powerful, you feel that this is a DA/Villain that should be feared. Also the amount of accessories that he comes with is impressive as we are used to getting him with only a handgun, sometimes with a coin if you are lucky. Thanks to Critters and Comics for this great figure, visit their website for the best prices by far!

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