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Bane, the beast of Arkham Origins Series 1, is definitely a must have in this line of action figures. Standing at 8 and a quarter inches tall and fetching the same price as his tiny counterparts in this series, you have no excuse not to own one of these!

When it comes to the sculpt this version of Bane is awesome. For once you get a sense of his military tact as the figure stays true to the Arkham Origins version of the character. He is able to wear his Lucha style mask with pride in this one! I always get peeved when Bane is portrayed as a steroid abusing meathead, after all this is the man that used tactic in order to break the Bat! This figure erases the sins of the past, whilst making Bane a physical specimen that towers over the other figures in this series. This figure is so much bigger than the rest in the series that it has received its own box with a window display, unlike Joker, Batman and Black Mask who each make use of clamshell packaging. Gentle Giant Studios have done a great job on this hired assassin. He is a perfect clone of his video game counterpart. It is like he jumped out of the screen and into your home! Mask and face are perfectly detailed giving him that intelligent stare into the abyss look, instead of a roid rage look.

When it comes to his outfit, Gentle Giant did not hold back on any detail either. Bane is wearing a highly detailed military vest equipped with gas canisters and grenades. He also has valves and piping to highlight the venom apparatus. Whilst the venom apparatus is mounted on his back, the sculpt features light green venom pumping pipes that lead to all of Bane’s major muscle groups. He also has metal pipes in his neck, which give that little bit of extra detail. His military jacket also has plenty of sculpted belts and straps. It also features a neat looking valve on Bane’s upper pectoral to show his level of Venom abuse, whilst his “Go Venom Go” button is presented in great detail on his left forearm. This outfit also sports detailed plates, padding and riveting. For the same price as the rest of the gang this figure is a steal!

In terms of paint applications, this figure has received a solid job. Bane has a real feel, most likely the result of good dry-brushing techniques. His mask and facial features are represented perfectly. The paint application on the design of the mask gives it that luchadore look without it looking silly. The intricate white designs on the mask are pulled off expertly. His uniform has a subtle wash for added texture, but it is the detail in the torso that shines through. The venom is presented in a great choice of green as it courses from the Titan Pump, through the network of piping and into his body. Even his fingerless gloves receive a top class paint job!

With all of the detail in this figure some sacrifices had to be made. This is where the articulation comes in. Bane has a ball joint head, peg joint shoulders, elbow hinges, swivel wrists, hinged thighs (uses T-crotch), hinged knees and swivel joints at the cuff of his awesome looking combat boots. As a result of the highly detailed torso you can only expect some articulation to be hindered or non-existent. An abdominal crunch joint would be impossible here, but Gentle Giant did as best they could with this figure. Due to the detailed canisters and pockets on this sculpt, Bane’s hips can barely move. But what were you expecting… Shakira level movement? This is Bane we are talking about. All he really needs to do is stand up straight and be a towering opponent. Whilst his elbow joints are also limited in motion, his shoulders, wrists and grasping hands still allow him to strike his infamous, “Come at me bro” stance.

Unfortunately, you will not be getting any accessories with this guy. But the fact that it is the same price and features so much more plastic, detail and size, even though it will score a 0 for accessories, it is far better than a load of figures that look crappy and try to win you over with the extras!

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to packaging Bane has received a little bit of special treatment. Whilst it retains the shape of his clamshell counterparts, it is a window box design. It works really well and sets this figure apart from the rest. I would actually prefer all the Arkham Origins Series figure to be released in this type of packaging as the clamshell seems so meaningless. At least Arkham Asylum and Arkham City figures had a clamshell in the shape of Batman’s mask.

Whilst the articulation is rather limited in range of motion, it is a minor gripe for a figure this awesome! The fact that Bane offers so much more in size and detail for the same retail price, is enough to warrant my purchase of this awesome action figure. Most times we end up paying deluxe sized prices for these deluxe sized figures, so this guy is definitely value for your money!

A huge thanks goes to Marco and Hennie at Critters and Comics once again, visit their store at for the best prices in SA!

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