Accessories: 8 / 10

Articulation: 9 / 10

Packaging: 8 / 10

Sculpting: 9 / 10

Paint: 10 / 10

Value: 9 / 10

I could not wait to see what DC Collectibles could pull off with Dick Grayson and his new look as seen in the Arkham Knight Video Game.


I prefer the sculpt on this one to the Nightwing from Arkham City. The head sculpt looks great; his hair is sculpted well and parts quite nicely. The paint finish on the hair is also great as it brings out the texture. His mask is no longer a domino mask instead it covers the majority of his face only opening at his mouth and at his upper forehead. He’s got a sort of stern yet disinterested look on his face. The blue pupils are a nice added touch as they add to the overall colour of the costume. His beard has a strong shadow, so Nightwing no longer has his youthful appearance. Instead, he looks more “experienced” the shadow is a tad too dark but being a beard ambassador I can definitely look past that!

This suit is simply amazing as it looks detailed yet practical. From his neck to his boots, the detail put into this figure is simply amazing. It is riddled with panels and padding. The majority of the figure is done in a matte greyish black colour similar to the colour of the Arkham City Mattel Nightwing. Then you have panels and finishes that are done in high gloss black paint. His Nightwing logo has been altered. It is sculpted on his chest and back and finished in a blue metallic paint. It does not run all the way down his arms like most of the Nightwing costumes tend to instead you have a little metallic blue on his shoulders, then the arms only have the metallic blue at the wrists. However, he has some more blue padding on his shins so the colour scheme is no lost. There are also Metallic silver paint accents on the figures elbow pads, gauntlets, gloves, knee pads and his boots and their straps. All of these areas are highly detailed. Truly bringing this figure to life!


Standing just short of 7 inches, this Nightwing has some great articulation as well! His head is on a ball joint so it can move left to right with ease. It looks down quite well but the hair sculpt does limit the range of motion that this figure has when looking up. His shoulders are on a ball hinge joint so he can swivel and extend his arm with ease. He has bicep swivels, double jointed elbows and wrists that can both hinge and swivel. Although his mid-section looks like it can crunch, it cannot instead it is only really able to swivel. His waist can also swivel. His legs are attached using ball joints. While the ball joint looks pretty obvious it does give him a better range of motion. He is able to do some split kicks and some decent back kicks. He has a thigh swivel, double jointed knees and swivels at the cuff of his boots. His ankles have all the articulation that they need. So you can pull off some great poses with this figure, he is a Flying Grayson after all.

When it comes to accessories we get Nightwing’s signature weapons. You receive two pairs of batons. Two short black batons which have the electric blue finish added to them. Then you get a pair of extended batons which have a silver and electric blue paint finish. Now the only problem with the sculpt is this; even though it had a nicely sculpted belt with great looking pouches, it has not got any sculpt, pouch, hook or strap which can hold the batons onto the figure. This is not great but it is definitely not the end of the world.


This figure comes in the same packaging as the series 1 figure. It features a great window that shows off all that the figure has to offer. The packaging bears the new game’s logo on the front. It has a 3D schematic of Nightwing on the side and the back. Other products in the series can also be found on the back.

This is a cool figure and definitely one that Nightwing fans should own. His sculpt is sleek, tactical and realistic. So next to Batman, he is far more slender and a little bit shorter. This figure is definitely one of the best in this impressive line and it opens series two with a BANG. Dick does not fall short with this one!

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