Accessories: 6 / 10

Articulation: 8 / 10

Packaging: 8 / 10

Sculpting: 8.5 / 10

Paint: 8 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

The game may not be here yet, but at least the merchandise arrived on time. DC Collectibles presents Bruce Wayne with a new look as the Dark Knight takes up the cowl for a battle with an all-new enemy.


This figure looks true to what we have seen so far and we all know that with every new game comes a new suit. It is less bulky than the previous Batman figures from the Arkham series, but he brings his own to the table.

The head sculpt on this Batman is great but be careful when selecting your Batman as his ears can warp in the packaging. The shape and sculpted detail on the cowl is great. It is a dark matt black which looks great. However, his pale skin does not really bring the most out of it. The contrast between the cowl and the pale flesh is too strong, leaving him looking as though he were poisoned or there is a possible paint application missing. The collar and shoulders look excellent, they receive a high gloss finish and the black and grey pattern of the paint job makes this padding look exactly like carbon fibre.

The cape looks great and it is made of a soft rubber that makes it more flexible and durable. If you lift the cape, you will see that this Batman has some great detail on his back, complete with the nice carbon fibre once again.

The logo on his chest is huge covering both of the metallic pads covering his pectorals; his abdomen is done in a lighter grey and the panelling and sculpting bring out each of his ab muscles. He has some matt black designs running down his obliques. His arms follow the same design pattern with black designs leading into the gauntlets.


Now here is one noticeable change; the gauntlets are far smaller than the previous Arkham suit designs. Everything seems more streamlined so you get thinner gauntlets, shorter blades and smaller gloves. His bat belt looks great it is done in a dirty matt yellow paint, the sculpt on the belt is unique and features pockets of different shapes and sizes. His legs and boots look less impressive as the grey seems quite bland when it covers such a large area and it would have been better had they involved some gloss in the design. Instead, you get some metallic paint on the boots and a few scratches done in silver paint. But other than that there is just not enough in this area.

In terms of articulation, this figure has quite a few points to play around with. He has a ball joint head that can pivot. The shoulder joints are ball joints which are limited in movement due to the large shoulder pads. However, you still get a decent range of motion. His swivel at the upper bicep is also limited thanks to the shoulder pad, so do not expect much articulation there. He has double hinged-elbows, and a hinged wrist that can swivel as well. His Ab crunch works rather well allowing for great movement and is waist is also able to swivel. His legs are on ball joints, however, the forward and backward motion is limited due to the pockets on the utility belt and his glutes which hinder any kicking backward. He has a double hinged knee for those flying knees and he has a swivel at the top of the ankle as well as an ankle pivot. So this figure has some impressive articulation that will help him pull off some decent poses.

His accessories are rather limited especially if you compare it to the recent DC Collectibles Batman Animated Figures. This figure gives you a highly detailed Batarang an extra hand and a grappling gun which his hand is able to grip. This is all that you will be getting but it is way more than any other Batman figure from the Rocksteady Arkham lines.


This batman comes in unique packaging that features a great window. So you can appreciate the product without open it as well. The packaging bears the new game’s logo on the front, it has a 3D schematic of this Batman on the side and images of the other products in the series on the back. Harley and Scarecrow are available at the moment, however, we are still awaiting the release of the Arkham Knight himself.

But for the first figure in this brand new line, this Batman does a great job at giving us faith in the final product as gamers and comic fans alike wait in anticipation for this game’s arrival. A huge thanks to Critters and Comics for securing this popular figure for me. For this and plenty of other great products at a great price visit!

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