The post-launch DLC plan for Total War: Warhammer has been revealed, and includes paid as well as free DLC.

The paid DLC, according to the Total War: Warhammer blog, will include Lords Packs, Race Packs, and Campaign Packs.

Lords Packs will be themed on a specific rivalry of conflict from the Warhammer lore. These packs will include legendary lords each with their own quests and campaign bonus items. Players will also get two new lords who will serve as generals, a unique and rare unit, these are upgraded versions of existing units.

Race Packs will add a new race or will add full unit rosters, lords, and heroes. Usually, the packs will include items, buildings, technology and skill trees along with the new race.

Campaign Packs will consist of a new race as well as a new challenge campaign to the game. These will also be themed on events from the Warhammer lore.

As for the free content, this will include new units, heroes, legendary lords, and a brand new playable race.

Total War: Warhammer is planned for a May launch.

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