The Top 10 Pirated Movies of 2013

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A list compiled by Torrent Freak shed some light on this year’s most pirated movies. With well over eight million downloads The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey leads our list of most-shared movies on BitTorrent networks in 2013. Despite the high piracy rate, earnings in 2013 has surpassed those of the top earners of 2012, with roughly $11 billion in revenues the U.S. box office closed its best year in history. Here’s the unofficial list of top torrents of 2013:

Most downloaded movies on BitTorrent according to TorrentFreak
RankMovieEst. downloadsWorldwide grosses
1The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey8,400,000$1,017,003,568
2Django Unchained8,100,000$425,368,238
3Fast And Furious 67,900,000$788,679,850
4Iron Man 37,600,000$1,215,439,994
5Silver Linings Playbook7,500,000$236,412,453
6Star Trek Into Darkness7,400,000$467,365,246
7Gangster Squad7,200,000$105,200,903
8Now You See Me7,000,000$351,723,989
9The Hangover Part 36,900,000$351,000,072
10World War Z6,700,000$540,007,876

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