Greatest Superhero Movie Fight Scenes Ever

Updated: Top 10 Greatest Superhero Movie Fight Scenes Ever

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Here we will take a look at the most epic adrenaline pumping movie fight scenes performed by our favorite superheroes. This is where we usually have a long introduction about movie fight scenes and about what’s to come. Let’s skip that and get into the action!

10. Punisher vs the Russian

With classical music playing over, Thomas Jane goes head to head with a giant Russian in 2004’s The Punisher. It’s kinda looks like Danny De Vito fighting The Rock.

9. Hellboy vs. Prince Nauda

At the end of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Hellboy challenges Nuada for the right to the crown. It’s an epic fight that Hellboy just manages to win by the hair on his teeth.

8. Ozymandias vs Comedian

Zach Snyder’s Watchmen starts with an epic fight between an aged superhero, The Comedian, and a masked/disguised villain. The action is brutal and fun!

7. Blade vs Nomak

From Blade 2, Blade (Wesley Snipes) and Nomak (Luke Goss – who is also the Nuada in Hellboy II) have a fierce battle, but Blade gets the upper hand.

BONUS – Kato vs Robin

Kato may be a skilled martial artist, but Robin was trained by the Batman to fight opponents much stronger than Kato. But come’on Robin doesn’t stand a chance against Bruce Lee!

6. Hulk vs Abomination

Hulk and Abomination destroy the city while pounding away at each other. You will like when Hulk gets angry.

5. Spider-man vs Doc Ock

Spider-Man meets and battles Ock, where they fall onto a passing train

4. Iron Man vs Thor

Iron man fights against the god of thunder,Thor. Captain America joins in. But wait, who won?

BONUS – Superman vs Clark Kent

A drunk Superman fights against Clark Kent. I’m not sure if this is happening in his mind or not.

3. Neo vs Agent Smith

Okay, so I not it’s not exactly a comic book movie. But it is. And it isn’t. But it is. Either way the fight is of epic proportions. Jaw drop!

2. Superman vs General Zod

You have to admit that Man of Steel’s fight scenes were nothing short of mind-blowing. It could easily have been number one on this list.

1. Batman vs Bane

From the very first moments when Bane approaches Batman we knew this was going to be amazing.

BONUS – Batman vs Superman

I don’t necessarily agree with the outcome here. But hey, its epic!

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  1. Aniruddh

    Superman vs General Zod > Batman vs Bane. Batman vs Bane was shit, Batman has mastered 127 Martial Arts and what he does there ? Punches and Elbows ? You kidding me ? He lost the fight easily to a Guy on Super serum.

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