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Firstly, let’s not confuse the definition of the word cyborg. They are not robots as you know and this makes it really difficult to include some famous characters in pop culture. A robot is an autonomous, non-biological (i.e. artificial) entity, and its form has no bearing on its designation as a robot. An android is a humanoid robot. A cyborg is an entity that combines artificial and biological components. Basically, a Cyborg must have an organic living component and the robotic enhancement technology only increases their abilities. To what extent, percentage wise, does the artificial and biological side combine? Can we put a human hair weave on a robot and call it a cyborg? … I’m not sure… But each and every Cyborg on this list has a unique ability.

Humans have been dreaming up cyborgs for use in fiction for many many years. They are popular characters in movies, games, books and comic books. With each new technological advancement, the boundary between man and machine gets slimmer. We take a look at some of the coolest cyborgs in history.

10. Major Motoko Kusanagi

If you don’t know the name of this no-nonsense female cyborg, maybe you will be familiar with the film she features in – one of the biggest influences on the anime genre – Ghost in the Shell. She is an augmented-cybernetic human employed as the squad leader. Skills in deduction and hacking are her forte. Who can forget the cinematic scene of the tank? Showing the true distinction between human nature and machine, the remaining human spirit is the “ghost”.

9. Darth Vader

We all know him as Luke’s father but, apart from being a dead beat dad and asthma sufferer, he was once one of the most powerful Jedi, so powerful he unbalanced the force while making a girl pregnant with twins. He unknowingly took part in the ultimate makeover Star Wars edition but, even with the lack of some appendages, still remained even more powerful as the force grew with him. Able to battle more than a few Jedi at one time, his hobbies are building planet destroying devices.

8. Oscar Pistorius

“I put it to you” that Oscar is a cyborg. Yes, our very own Blade Runner uses technology to enhance his speed. With his synthetic legs, called the “Flex-Foot Cheetah”, he has become one of the fastest humans on the planet, making him an exceptional cyborg. He has always been subject of the media and controversy from the subject of his legs to the trial. Let’s hope it is the technological and social changes he represents that may have the greater impact on our world.

7. Jason Voorhees (Jason X)

After 12 movies and over 30 years of more creative kills than SAW, Jason got upgraded to a cyborg with enhanced powers, agility and a bigger machete in the movie Jason X. Already he has been drowned , burnt, exploded, and impaled but Jason remains the juggernaut of the horror genre. His legend just won’t die.

6. Mr. Freeze

In Batman and Robin Arnold Schwarzenegger portrayed a popular DC comics Batman villain, Dr. Victor Fries, a scientist who must wear a cryogenic suit in order to survive. The character was a new take on the cyborg theme. Up until then freezing and boiling techniques were common methods of stopping cyborgs. His refrigeration suit grants him superhuman strength and durability, making him a powerful villain.

5. T-800 Terminator

The most famous catch phrase in the world and in all 11 official languages is “I’ll be back”. The world loved the T-800 because he lowered himself in a molten metal vat to save humanity. You have to admit that scene was sad and that we actually felt emotion for something that was essentially a machine. Which bring me to my next point, he seems more robot than cyborg, but that’s because, technically, he wears an organic human body suit. But with such a great personality I am swaying more towards cyborg. He is not tech or fashion savvy but he was a really efficient baby sitter.

4. Seven of Nine

Well, just stop and look at her; the reluctant Star Fleet recruit on the Voyager Crew. She hatched a plan to beat the unstoppable and powerful Borg Queen, which makes her the most powerful Borg of the galaxy. She was able to break free of the Hive on more than one occasion and also reinvent herself from Borg drone to Star fleet voyager with minimal social skills. However, she is also the hottest member of both Starfleet and the Borg – they should have renamed her 10 of 10.
During the series finale, episode Endgame, Seven dies. She is the reason why Voyager finally reached earth. I would say this Cyborg did a lot for Star Trek in many ways.

3. Cyborg

His name is CYBORG, the ultimate All Star athlete turned superhero, best known as member of the Teen Titans and founding member of the Justice League. Geoff Johns has said of Cyborg, “He represents all of us in a lot of ways. If we have a cellphone and we’re texting on it, we are a cyborg — that’s what a cyborg is, using technology as an extension of ourselves. This makes him as a DC character relevant to modern day fans.”

Which is very true. Cyborg uses a lot of computer technology (like being able to tap into Boom Tubes and self-repair) to aid him in his battles with crime. This sets him apart from the other cyborgs on the list.

2. Robocop

A good cop turned bad-ass Robocop, a cyborg armed with a bigger firearm than Dirty Harry. Robocop is willing to deal with corruption in Detroit as he explores larger themes regarding the media and human nature. Cops are actually in many ways real life super heroes, serving in a thankless job that requires sacrifice and dedication. It’s good that these everyday heroes get a glimpse at what might be possible in a decade or so for injured policemen, even though the movies are set 3000 years in the future.

1. Robot Chicken

As the only animal-robot hybrid this character is shrouded in mystery. Its origins are unknown, except for the footage in the opening sequence of the TV Series. Robot Chicken is based on “Twisted ToyFare Theater”, a humorous photo comic-strip appearing in ToyFare: The Toy Magazine.

On a stormy night, a mad scientist finds a road-killed chicken, which he takes back to his laboratory to re-fashion into a cyborg. The chicken turns his laser eye on and enacts his vengeance upon the Mad Scientist. The mad scientist then manages to strap the re-animated Robot Chicken into a chair, uses calipers to hold his eyes open, and force him to watch a bank of television monitors (an allusion to A Clockwork Orange).

Knowing this, I would say this cyborg is highly dangerous. It has knowledge of all Pop Culture, DC and Marvel superheroes and villains. Armed with this knowledge, a laser eye and bionic body Robot Chicken is one tough chicken to pluck. He is perhaps the greatest cyborg ever created.

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