TomTom Partners with PicUp

TomTom Partners with PicUp

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TomTom Africa Partners with Innovative Logistics Company picup to Revolutionise the Concept of Same-Day Delivery

“picup chose to collaborate with TomTom because they offer the most detailed and accurate mapping services available. Their client service is also a winning factor for us.”

Antonio Bruni, Co-Founder and CEO for picup South Africa

The Organisation

Innovative and fresh logistics company, picup is bound to shake up the concept of same-day delivery. Their unique on-demand service is offered to users off the back of the WeChat app. The company also has a web-app business platform, “picupBusiness” which is currently in its beta phase.

Members of the public can complete a simple registration process that gives them access to over 200 vehicles ranging from bicycles, motorbikes, cars and vans that can be ideally suited to their delivery needs. Whether transporting forgotten car keys, documents or slightly larger items, picup delivers on the same day without volume restrictions, reams of paperwork or hidden additional fees. The drivers in picup’s network are also sourced from everyday people who meet the company’s stringent driving and delivery criteria.

Customer service is taken a step further with cash incentives for drivers through performance-based earnings and picup provides the best tools possible to deliver on time and fulfill their customer’s delivery needs.

The Challenge

The drivers on picup’s books operate vehicles ranging from bicycles and motorcycles to various size cars. These ‘pay as you go’ drivers are always on call with diverse delivery requirements coming in on a regular basis. When a delivery request comes in, the company locates the closest available driver whose vehicle most suits the customer’s needs. To fulfil their goal of being the best same-day service with the shortest delivery times in South Africa, picup wanted to provide their drivers with the most accurate and real-time navigation services available.

The Solution

TomTom was able to provide picup with its sophisticated mapping data, unique location based services platform and fully customisable mobile navigation software. Using these tools, picup created their own unique Android app for its registered drivers to download to their smartphones. Using TomTom’s location based services platform, picup tracks the location of their drivers and immediately assigns them to the nearest jobs. When a driver accepts a job he can easily navigate to the destination using TomTom’s real-time mapping data and mobile navigation software. With the help of TomTom’s live traffic data, picup’s drivers can avoid heavily congested areas and maintain their delivery time success rate of 98% since the service launched in May earlier this year.

The fleet of vehicles navigate each day through a wide range of locations and rapidly changing areas such as shopping and business hubs. The TomTom software also assists drivers to input new territory map data like office parks or other points of interest. This not only enriches TomTom’s own mapping database, but also ultimately feeds back into picup’s navigation solutions. This type of collaborative relationship fulfills TomTom’s mandate to support innovative start-ups that challenge and grow the logistics and navigation industries while helping TomTom to continually improve its products and solutions.

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