Can 2016 get any better? We’re on the brink of a world war, the American elections are totally bizarre, and now Tommy Wiseau is in another movie. Are you serious 2016? Go home, you’re drunk.

The Room's Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Reunite in Best F(r)iends

Aliens are back to reboot The Room – at least that’s the only logical explanation behind Best F(r)iends. Based on a story by Sestero, inspired by a road trip the two took years ago, the film is directed by Gary Fong. It looks like a strange buddy/road/heist movie. Sestero stars as a man who, after his entire family is killed in a car crash (note the bloodstained shirt), gets picked up off the side of the highway by a mortician (Tommy Wiseau) in a big black Cadillac hearse. “Are you in show business?,” Sestero asks, to which Wiseau gives the sublimely meta answer, “sort of.”

“I think it’s a role that will really spotlight Tommy’s unique talent and charisma, while also setting up an unexpected and exciting reunion,” Sestero told THR.

New Line is currently making a film about the making of The Room, which is directed by and starring James Franco. In The Masterpiece (previously called The Disaster Artist), Franco will play the eccentric Wiseau, the director and star of the 2003 drama, which developed a strong cult following, including among celebrities, who loved it in a “so bad it’s good” way.

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