Tom Holland's Dad Found Out His Son Has A Tattoo On Twitter. The Internet Reacts

With great power comes great responsibility. Tom Holland won’t be swinging about town anytime soon. Dominic Holland, the Spider-Man actor’s dad, recently found out on social media that his son got himself a cute Spider tattoo on his foot. His reaction, of course, sparks a bunch of memes and hilarious internet reactions.

Dominic Holland will probably admit that it’s not that easy being the dad of a world famous comic book icon. However, at the end of the day, your dad is still your dad and Dominic Holland’s reaction to news of Tom Holland’s tattoo is typical of every dad everywhere. He isn’t too impressed. Spidey is going to have a lot of explaining to do and Tony Stark won’t be there to bail him out.

A recent photoshoot of the British actor confirmed the actor has ink (a small drawing of a spider dangling from a web) on the bottom of his foot. While Holland is in for a serious talk with his dad, the internet turned the whole thing into a hilarious internet event:

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