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The world’s deciphering skills were put the test a few months ago with the teaser found at In the form of this mysterious game, users would take on the role as a character from the soon to be released series. They would have to decode the messages equipped only with what was available on screen, which included the “tap machine” used to send and receive Morse code signals.

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After a few months of online misery for most users attempting to unravel the clues, an official website was introduced, along with an official trailer to what we now know to be Tom Hanks’ Electric City animated Web-series, in collaboration with Yahoo.

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Tom Hanks stars alongside Jeanne Tripplehorn, Holland Taylor, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Antoon, Chris Parnell and Paul Scheer. The series starts on 17th July, in the form of 5-7 minute episodes. Despite the episodes’ limited duration, the idea of the series is built around an interactive experience, to which viewers can interact with the content and each other.

Plot: The world that we know today has ended. Left standing amongst the ruins of Earth stands the symbol of peace and security, otherwise known as Electric City. Beneath the veil, however, lies a world filled with secrets and violence, which include secret police, murder, backhand deals and conspiracies. The Web-series highlights issues we find in existence today, such as energy consumption, freedom of information, crime and punishment, greed and politics. The story unfolds both in the series and interactively by means of content that will be made available after each episode. Electric City will offer superior online interaction, graphic animation designed specifically for the Internet, featuring 3D maps, behind-the-scene footage, games and more.

You can view the online episodes on Yahoo!

Note: I spent some time deciphering the code on Tap Joint, and after receiving quite a load of substantial answers, I figured that would be all the information I could extract. After researching and discussing amongst forums, I compiled a list of questions to ask and answers other people received, which didn’t scratch the surface of what is actually out there.


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