It was announced by Jesse Stern, lead writer at Respawn that Titanfall 2 would have a single player campaign.

In an interview with Forbes it was confirmed that the development team had begun working on a sequel in 2014 after finishing the first game’s DLC.
With Titanfall selling more than 10 million copies the studio has now been given the flexibility to tell the story they wanted to tell in the original game. Respawn wants to “deliver a vision of grand colonial warfare” a sort of retelling of the” American revolution and American civil war in space” said Stern.
Stern also confirmed that Respawn is working together with Lionsgate in order to find a way to bring the universe of Titanfall to TV.
It was revealed last year that Titanfall’s sequel would launch on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

For those not familiar with Titanfall and its universe, below is the trailer for the first game:

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