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Tuesday, the 16th of December was a rainy, wet and cold day in Johannesburg. Perfect for board games, that is if you could find people to play with.


Luckily Timeless Board Games had this covered. Once a month in Bedfordview (Johannesburg) they invite all board gamers and those interested in trying them out to join in for a day of fun, laughter and gaming.

I arrived at the venue just as the rain started pouring down. As I was there on my own, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a group to play with and would be left to wander the venue aimlessly. My fears were soon put to rest as I entered the hall. Richard the owner of the store immediately came over to greet me. I scarcely had a chance to greet him myself before I was asked to join a group of people starting a game of Sherriff of Nottingham.


What struck me was the range of board gamers at the event. From families, teenagers, thirty somethings to fifty year olds, there was something for everyone. The selection of games available at the event was impressive and ranged from light games such as Muchkin, to heavy weight games such as Dominant species.

There wasn’t one moment throughout the day that I did not have a group to play with. We played games from Munchkin to X-Wing miniatures and had a blast every time. Of course it also helped that there was as much tea, coffee and juice as you could drink, as well as enough snacks to keep us going. I should also mention the very tasty boerewors rolls that they had available for lunch.

They also had a large number of games on sale at the event, and it was great that you could try out a game first before buying it. Needless to say I didn’t leave the event empty handed. Not only did I buy some great board games but I also met some awesome fellow board-gamers whom I can’t wait to see again at the next event.

A special thanks to Richard and Andrea for their hospitality and for creating an opportunity for board gamers to get together. I had a great time and met some great people.

For more information on the events visit www.timelessboardgames.co.za


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