Thor Ragnarok

More than 7,000 fans turned up for Marvel’s panel discussions at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday. While they were treated to a host of officially released trailers, which you can find on our site, they were also shown some comedic footage of what Thor and Hulk were up to during the events of the Civil War, as Captain America and Iron Man went toe-to-toe.

Thor Ragnarok will be directed by Taika Waititi, better known as a comedy director himself, presented the audience with a short comedy film giving them insight into Thor and Hulk’s whereabouts during the previous Avengers roundup. Thor, needed some “me time” and took refuge at a random guy’s place named Darryl in Australia. Thor states he has been helping out in the community as well. Later in the film, Thor is seen having coffee with Bruce Banner, the two contemplating why Tony Stark hasn’t yet given them call to join the fight. After some time, Tony does, in fact, give Banner a call, and upon asking him, he tells Banner that he doesn’t know how to get in contact with Thor, as he doesn’t have a phone, to which Thor replies “send a raven.”

While there isn’t much info to go on at this point about the plot of the film, we know that Bruce Banner (Hulk) will also be involved, alongside Thor, Loki, Odin, and Heimdall, among others. Here’s the leaked teaser trailer that was shown last night.

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