Thor civil war

Captain America: Civil War had hero battling hero, friend brawling friend, each fighting for a cause they believed to be righteous, but one burning question remained; where was Thor during all of this?


Well, Marvel has released a hilarious short film (mockumentary) in which the God of Thunder explains his absence from the events of Civil War. It seems he was taking a break from superheroing and living the good life in Australia along with his new roommate Darryl. During his break, Thor even has some time to spend with everybody’s favorite gamma radiation expert Bruce Banner who also makes an appearance in the short.

What is interesting about the short, even though it tends to be a bit more light-hearted, is that Thor has been spending his time trying to find out who might have been orchestrating recent events, and trying to figure out who the “purple man in the floating chair is”. Could Thor be the one who will crack the mystery, and will Tony Stark finally return his phone calls? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Thor and Hulk fans will be able to see the duo return in Thor: Ragnarok which is set to release next year.

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