Meet Thor, The Bengal Cat

This is Thor, The Bengal Cat

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Pictures of this Bengal cat, named Thor, have gone viral over the last few days. The house cat’s unique mix of striped and spotted fur has turned it into an international sensation.

The cat’s exploits are chronicled on his Facebook and Instagram pages, where photos show off his unique fur, which resembles both a Bengal tiger and a leopard. Named after the hammer-wielding god in Norse mythology, Thor’s humans say that he ruler of the land. “You people are so petty, and tiny.”

A Bengal cat is a shorthair cat breed, which is a mix between a domestic and leopard cat. As pets, they are quite tame, but they still look like mini leopards and have a long and muscular body.

Thor, The Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat

thor cat

thor the cat

Is Bengal cat, Thor, one of the most beautiful cats you’ve ever seen?

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