It Comes At Night Trailer

A24 has released a new trailer for Trey Edward Shults’ upcoming post-apocalyptic horror-thriller It Comes at Night and it looks scary. Freaky.

Joel Edgerton stars as a father who will stop at nothing to keep his family safe from a mysterious, malevolent presence outside their home. Things get weird when the family takes in a few outsiders. Is it an apocalyptic virus? Is there a monster? Are there zombies? We don’t know. There isn’t much of a plot or synopsis here. But it’s going to be intense.

Edgerton recently said that he views the film as a horror take on “refugees and immigration and otherness … There’s this question of whether to trust [his character] and his word that he has a family, and food, and stuff to offer.”

It Comes at Night will be released on June 9. Probably a good idea to book tickets for a night screening.

It Comes At Night Trailer

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