The Worst children’s Toys Ever Created

Worst Children’s Toys

All children need toys, but not all toys are created alike. When you are young gifts are the best things about a birthday. Below is a selection of the worst children’s toys ever created. Seriously. These are BAD. Imagine you got one of these wrapped up under a tree or on your birthday?

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Brick Dave have put together an awesome article, titled 15 Things You Need to Know to Buy Safe Toys, that should help those who find themselves buying one of the above duds.

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  1. L.A_Blak22

    Spider-Man smacks you upside the head with his web-penis (wenis), you aren’t getting back up. And lord forbid he and Punisher have a sword fight. o.O

    Also, if someone could tell me where I could pick up my very own Avenging Unicorn.

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